Solar energy experts to to train Nigerians on 32 courses in 4 days


After 15 years and over 40 training sessions across the continent, African Energy is expanding their training format to provide even better training by crafting a new format that will include 32 courses spread over four days, taught by six different manufacturers and African Energy staff.


The training which will take place at the Protea Apo Apartments, Apo, Abuja on the 16th to 19th of October will expose participants to the various emerging technologies in the solar energy, and will receive a certificate of attendance or can sit for a final exam in order to receive a certificate of achievement.


“We expect the training to be popular with new comers, so we are allowing the industry to reserve their places first. Please fill and return this form along with a copy of your deposit receipt to reserve your place,” the organizers said.

According to them, the cost for the 4-day courses, which will be classified as beginner, will be N60,000 and it includes lunch, tea breaks and materials.

Highlighting some of the programs lined up for the programme, the organizers said that participants in the Beginner category, will be exposed to the working of Battery and Battery types, construction, and differences, as well as factors affecting battery life.

Also, proper charging and basic battery chemistry will be studies, while understanding deficit cycling and partial state of charge, Sizing and capacity will be given priority.

“Inverter: Inverter types and functions will be tackled by shedding more light on the high frequency and transformer designs, wave forms and applications, charger sizing, transfer times and relays, basic programming, and voltage selection.

More so, in the advanced category, optimum battery selection, advanced charging considerations, Equalization, specific gravity and temperature sensing, emerging technologies and partial state of charge applications will be unraveled at the session.

“Inverter offsetting with battery based inverters, stacking and three-phase configurations, remote monitoring, advanced programming and proper charger settings

“Sizing: How to answer the question: “How Much Do I Need?” PV, battery and inverter selection based on load information.

“AC Coupling Schneider will explain the details of their XW+ and CL grid-tie inverter coupling, including bills of materials, schematics and real-life experience from the field.

“PV Charging Morningstar will lead this session to teach PV principles and PWM and MPPT charging technology, proper use of combiner boxes and breakers, moving to advanced features, remote monitoring, etc.

“Design and Installation will be taught, especially how to combine components into an intelligent system, judging capacities and ratings and advanced sizing considerations, earthing, combining circuits, cable selection, orientation, module racking, etc.


Furthermore, there will be a Master Class to be led by a group of manufacturers. This is a wrap-up course to cover outstanding questions and weaknesses identified during the week.

“This session will be anchored by prominent Manufacturer Trainers like Deka Bruce Habeck, Surrette Steve Higgins, Magnum Glenn Darby, Outback John Webber, Morningstar Russell, Borum, Schneider Kenneth Sokhela and AE David/Lincoln.

For participation in the august opportunity, an email should be sent to this address:[email protected], which will include participants’ company name, number of places desired, category (Beginer or Advanced) and the number of participants who will be interested in sitting for the final exams to receive certificates.

However, due to the limited number of space available, the organizer suggested that for a participant to guarantee his place, he is advised to prepay to the local organizer’s GT Bank Account: Renecon Energy Ltd, Account Number: 0025336260.