Re: Hushpuppi-Kyari saga and the accentuated lessons

I have to crave the indulgence of my esteemed readers to allow me to publish the views of few readers on the “Huspuppi-Kyari saga” before their views become stale. The opinions on the subject were both quantitatively and qualitatively overwhelming but the few selected ones can provide a clearer picture of the topic. Next week, I will conclude the article on Apollo 11 by the grace of the Almighty.

Dear Prof. Othman, you made two excellent observations; security personnel should not be politicising the successes of their operations on social media platforms – that is counterproductive.

Secondly, Kyari should not have been associating with people of questionable characters. Just in recent days before his travails, he attended the burial ceremony of Obi Cubana’s mother. Not for the questionability of the Cubana but even for his safety, security and integrity should have made Kyari distance himself from such gatherings. Unfortunately, he was even making a lot of complimentary remarks about Cubana’s ingenuity and urging youngsters to emulate him.

In adding to your excellent observations, Kyari chooses to display a lavish, superfluous, and bogus lifestyle by appearing in very expensive designers’ clothes, mansions, etc.

This, I think added in bringing to himself undue attention, limelight, and envy, which I believe an intelligent security personnel should have avoided by all means. May Allah help, guide, and assist all our security personnel in taming all kinds of challenges in our dear country. Amin. Once again, kudos to your brilliant piece
Dr Iman Isa Musa, Zaria.

Indeed God should save Nigeria and grant those in authority not to compromise their integrity
Mr. Apapa Dateme, Port Harcourt

Bravo Prof for a well-written article. You are always truthful in your write-ups. Kyari whatever his crime or association with Hushpuppi, should not be judged based on that report alone. Let us look at the benefits of having him in the IRT and him being behind bars. He deserves an award by the Federal Government of Nigeria and not condemnation. Moreover, his link with Hushpuppi is not directly linked to the crime except it’s revealed by the ongoing investigation. Nigerian Government should not throw away the baby with the bathwater.
Usman Ngulde, Kaduna.

I believe Kyari should bear the responsibility for his actions or inactions just like Magu is going through now. A good cop should always be a good cop to earn accolades. If he is found guilty, he has been deceiving us by accepting glorifications, which he does not deserve. Plea-bargain does not mean that an accused can tell lies since he/she is under oath. To tell lies under oath is a serious crime in the USA and will be treated separately.
Dr Mohammed Umar, Kaduna.

I love your argument on issues of security in Nigeria and the roles of Kyari in handling his aspect of the function as a crime-buster efficiently and competently. However, the issues should be addressed and not the personality involved. We are witnessing the effects of total neglect of the social and cardinal responsibility of the government to provide enabling environment for people to enable the able but unemployed youth and many unemployed graduates to be engaged.

The fund that would be required to meaningfully engage the youths, the unemployed graduates, and other categories that are involved in different kinds of crimes would have been far less than the fund being expended on national security. When able-bodied people are kept unemployed and unengaged purposefully, the effects are what we have on ground today. The wealth of any nation is measured by the Gross National Product/by the population.

That is the value of our currency. What skills do we have to engage in any meaningful production? What are the competencies available in the country to meet needs at all levels from basic needs? No environment develops itself; it is the developed people that develop the environment. Africa is backward because people are not the center of national development. When we create an enabling environment and meaningfully engage the youths and unemployed graduates, the level of crime would go down and there would be progress in society.

Please, understand that without justice there can be no peace. By this I mean there should be equitable distribution of national wealth to all the stakeholders without any form of discrimination. It is when we have justice that we can have peace, and until we have peace there can be no progress. What we are experiencing now is a consequence of the wrong foundation, injustice, incompetence, and wrong priorities of the ruling class. We need to revisit the root cause of the problem if it must be solved; otherwise, it becomes an academic exercise that will only be used to decorate the archives. Thank you very much Prof for your excellent analysis.
Hammed Olabanji Kolawole, Lagos.

As usual an insightful article, my addition is for the government to look at why almost all public servants are corrupt, to maintain a dignified public appearance a government employee mainstream or political appointee has to indulge in some form of corruption or the other, it is now the norm, doing otherwise attracts scorn from friends and colleagues and even religious leaders and guaranteed harsh economic life. So far, we continue pretending that we will as a nation continue to live as ostrich.

No excuses for taking bribe but the workers’ welfare and the harsh economic realities have to be addressed, if not, corruption in public service will continue to be the new normal. What a joke, even the SIP investigating Kyari, can any of them ” throw the first stone?
Dr Umar Bala, Zaria

Vintage Prof MK Othman!
Great discourse is coming from the Prof’s saddle. Abba Kyari’s heroics in crime busting far outweigh the trump up charges of discreet connection with the notorious Internet fraudster-Husspuppi!
Show me a virgin in a maternity ward!!!
No security agent is DENTLESS!
Alhaji Sani Ahmed, Kano

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