Quary site: Attention Environment Ministry

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I write on behalf of Kwaru Pambegua Community Development Association (KPCDA) to draw the attention of the Federal Ministry of Environment on the activities of the Proportion Nigeria Construction Company, which pose a serious environmental harzard to the inhabitants residing close to their quary site.

It may interest you to know that the quary site along Kaduna road was used as a road by Nigerians in the early 70s when the company was constructing Kaduna-Jos road. The quary site was later abandoned because development has overtaken the area with many houses built there.

However, in total disregard to the mining laws which provide certain kilometers within which companies are to locate their quary site, Proportion Construction Company, in collaboration with some selfish community individuals, forcefully took over the site. Three years after, the people of Kwaru community have sad tales to tell.

The loud sounds whenever the company uses granite to break up the rock has led to the collapse of many houses while other buildings experience wide cracks. Besides, the hazardious dust coming from the activities of the company has led to the outbreak of a strange disease in the community. Seriously affected is the cemetery located within the area, as many graves have collapsed due to their activities.

Disturbed by this unfortunate development, various organisations have written petitions to the concerned authorities to intervene but all to no avail. It is in view of the environmental challenges the community continues to witness that I passionately appeal to the Federal Ministry of Environment to come to our aid.

The Federal Ministry of Environment should despatch its staff for an on the spot assessment and find out whether the construction company has complied with both environmental and minning laws or not.

Alhaji Hamisu Haruna,
Pambegua, Kaduna state