Letter to Kannywood film industry

The establishment of Kannywood industry was to exhibit the Hausa culture and traditions through drama, as well as to pass other relevant information concerning day-to-day activities.
The nature of Kannywood movies today contains zero messages, the movies portray negative messages that are injurious and harmful to especially the youth who are fond of watching the industry’s movies daily.

To hit the nail on the head, I’m referring to the thuggery and violence scenes or roles normally played by some of the industry’s characters nowadays. These characters are imparting negatively on our terming youths. These characters have become youth’s role model, as such, they act and behave same like them.
Currently, by imitation, large number of youths have started forming gang to execute their heinous act in many Hausa communities, this has been attributed to the negative roles played in those movies.

As result of those characters, countless youths are engaged in thuggery, armed robbery, snatching of bags, kidnapping, stabbing, rape, among other inhumane activities, in our societies.

However, these sorts of movies are truly trending among youths since the movies teach them how to commit their heinous acts; tactics of several forms are in those movies regarding how one can steal, stab, rape, kill, smoke, kidnap, among other inhumane acts.

Therefore, Kannywood movies have taken a different dimension. Instead of exhibiting the cultural norms and values of Hausa people, they are derogating societal norms and values as well as teaching our younger ones how to perpetrate demonic acts.

However, at the expense of insecurity, whereby the country is bedeviled by the issue of kidnapping, banditry, Boko Haram, communal clash, rape as well hunger and starvation, the industry’s movies shouldn’t be portraying such acts but ways in which the country would overcome its problems; considering that the objective is to develop and entertain our societies.

Finally, I’m calling on the industry’s stakeholders to do what is necessary urgently by imbibing the culture of producing films related to our societal norms and values.

There is also the need for government to set up a committee to monitor what kind of movies the two industries are portraying (Kannywood and Bollywood) to stop producing movies that can corrupt the minds of the younger generation.
Ukasha Rabiu Magama,Toro LGA, Bauchi state[email protected]