Point out your fear concerning water bill, Minister tells critics

As members of the National Assembly resumes from recess, the Minister of Water Resources, Engr Suleiman Adamu, has expressed optimitism that the National Water Resource Bill will be passed, this is even as he urged critics of the bill to point out their concern for consideration.

Adamu expressed this optimism of passing the National Water Resources Bill while answering questions from journalists at the opening ceremony of a ‘Two-day Training Programme for Water Resources Correspondents, Editors, and News Analysts in the Nigerian Water Sector’ with theme, ‘Reporting Water in its Perspective’.

Essence of the training is to build capacity of reporters on water resources sector, by having deep knowledge of terminologies and issues in the sector for Nigerians and the world to understand mechanisms, policies, programmes, projects and impact made in the water sector.

He said: “I have said I need to say about it. It is part of our roadmap as far as I am concerned. We will continue to engage with the National Assembly now that they have come back from recess we hope to engage.

“At the same time we are talking to all other antagonists to allay the fears to accommodate whatever apprehension. We are very confident that we get that bill passed.”