NLO: As Nigeria’s domestic league continues giant strides under Gusau-led NFF board…

Never in the history of the country’s domestic league football is the various league bodies attracting the sort of sponsorship traffic as it is currently.

Even in the face of all the challenges confronting the country, the Nigeria football federation under the current leadership has managed to ensure a high level of stability in the football ecosystem.

This stability is what has continued to attract different levels of success in the country’s football family.

While the second placed finish of the super eagles at the recently concluded Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast is still fresh in the memories, the country’s football is about to witness another huge milestone in the growth of the domestic league.

Just last year, the country”s top flight league, the Nigeria Premier football league signed a massive broadcast rights with Startimes after many years of crises and lock jam.

And today, the domestic league has continued to attract huge patronage and partnership from the corporate bodies.

The Nationwide League One (NLO) is set to seal its biggest sponsorship deal worth millions of Naira and will also announce a partnership with two foreign service providers.

The deal which will be for four years is set to be a record-breaking feat and a breakthrough for grassroots football development in Nigeria.

Before the coming of the present board of Ibrahim Gusau, the Nigeria premier league looked very unattractive to sponsors, let alone the lower leagues, but all that have changed within a space of two years of his administration.

Many followers of Nigeria football believe that the present board can still achieve far more if it continues to enjoy the support of both stakeholders and the government without being distracted.

Micheal Obasi, a sports affairs analyst writes from Abuja.