NGO wants politicians to tap into global peace

Founder and Director-General of the Progressive Centre for Development (PCFD), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Comrade Ferguson-Umeh Pius, has called on politicians in the country to tap into the global tide by imbibing the virtues of development and peaceful co-existence.
Pius, who made the call at the weekend, said the era of impunity, divisiveness, uncouth languages as instruments of attaining popularity, fame and power was over.

He noted that what was prevalent presently was global village vision where societies wanted to attain harmony, peace and progress.
According to him, his organisation is non-partisan and non-religious, and that it will not watch with folded arms, while politicians drag the country into “unnecessarily turbulence and hatred due to fruitless politicking.”

Pius warned that his organisation “will not sit down and watch things go wrong; we will continue to make our input; we will continue to condemn where we should condemn in the most civilised and critical way and we will support where we should support for the peace, unity and the progress of Nigeria.”
He said the cardinal objective of the organisation would be to reach out communities and make packages for them in the area of youth development, “better administration of communities and empowerment and relate such communities with institutions that can be of help to them.”

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