National Assets: NSCDC boss threatens sanction against zonal, state Commandants over sabotage

…Urges Private Security Firms to cooperate with Corps

The Commandant General of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) Ahmed Abubakar Audi, has vowed to sanction all Corp officials who are not measuring up to the execution of protecting national assets and infrastructure in the country.

The NSCDC boss threatened to discipline any zonal or state Commandants who compromise in the discharge of duties.

Audi made this declaration Thursday while addressing the Corps during the 2023, Commandant General’s conference at the NSCDC Headquarters, Abuja.

Audi said: “Let me use this opportunity to commend your efforts in directing and effectively coordinating the Corp’s various operational activities especially before, during, and after the 2023 general elections.

“Let me, however, remind you that the challenge ahead of us in the face of emerging security threats occasioned by the criminal activities of bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, and farmers/herders clashes among others is quite enormous. Let me further remind you of our role in checkmating the activities of these outlaws, and the need to add bite to our operations to effectively tackle the new dimension of organized crimes for a safe and secure Nigeria.

“In this direction, I want to charge you as directing officers to redouble your efforts and remain resolute to our avowed commitment to extinguish the flame of insecurity and make the environment unsafe and unconducive for criminal elements and those with criminal tendencies.

“We should also have it at the back of our minds that if we must succeed in this war against insurgency, kidnapping, etc., we must collaborate effectively and maintain cordiality with relevant stakeholders.

“You are therefore expected not only to sustain but improve on existing robust relationships and synergy with the Military, Police, and other Law Enforcement Agencies to effectively tackle the emerging security threat staring us in the face.

“For the Corps to effectively address the menace of insecurity, I want to emphasize the need for us to focus more attention on intelligence gathering as a proactive measure.

“To this end, the Management is perfecting arrangements to introduce a series of training and capacity-building programs on surveillance and intelligence gathering for the Corps personnel to sharpen their skills and competencies to further add bite to their operational capabilities.

“I am, however, aware that some State Commandants are still not measuring up to expectation in the execution of our core mandate.

“I, therefore want to sound a note of warning to all Commandants presently in command positions to either sit up or be shown the red flag.

“Be reminded that the Corps is blessed with a crop of well-grounded and intelligent officers who can take up command positions diligently with better results.

“The management will therefore not hesitate to deal appropriately with anyone in command position, found wanting in the discharge of his duties.”

Speaking also during the issuance of operation licenses to Private Guards Company, Audi charged the Guards to be vigilant and be good ambassadors of the Corps.

He said: “While I believe that it is your business instinct that made you to endure the tedious process, you are to note that the licence is not for business profit alone but an opportunity for you to contribute your quota to the security of this nation.

“This call to national duty must be honoured and it is not
negotiable. Therefore, you and your guards have, by extension, become members of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. Your beats are NSCDC beats.

“You are not to only secure the facilities but also report to the Corps, all suspicious activities and movement.

” You are expected, as a matter of compulsion, to turn intelligence report on a monthly basis and any one that is of urgent importance must be turned in immediately ascompanies shall be held responsible for any breach of security that occurs in their beats.

“The content of the orientation lectures are to prepare you adequately for the task ahead. Your Companies will be rated based on the field adherence to the content of the lecture egulation.

“Therefore, future relationship with the Corps, including the renewal of your licence shall be based on the level of your performance.

” The Private Guard Companies Industry is transiting from an Industry where every Company trains guards based on the understanding and the designed curriculum of the Directors.

“You are receiving your licence at the verge of the launch of a Unified Training Curriculum which translates to guards being exposed to the same training, irrespective of their Companies and location in Nigeria.

“Therefore, your guards must be trained and certified at any
of our Colleges or Accredited Training Centre before they are deployed.”