MTN Nigeria apologises, explains reason for service disruption

MTN Nigeria  has apologised to ir providedd customers and offered an explanation for the service disruption experienced by its subscribers on Wednesday, attributing the issue to multiple fibre cuts.

The telecommunications giant, which is one of the leading service providers in the country, acknowledged the impact of the outage on its voice and data services through a communication on its X page.

The service interruption had left several users expressing their frustrations over the unexpected network disruption, impacting both personal and business communications across the country.

MTN, in its statement, conveyed apologies to its customers for the inconvenience caused by the downtime, emphasising its commitment to providing reliable and uninterrupted service.

The occurrence of fibre cuts is not uncommon in the telecommunications industry, often resulting from construction activities, natural disasters, or vandalism.

These incidents can significantly affect the quality and availability of network services, leading to outages that may take time to resolve depending on the extent of the damage.