Matawalle building a winning team at the grassroots


A few months back, there were self acclaimed political masters of Zamfara state who thought they could determine the fate of the present administration of Bello Mohamnad (Matawallen Maradun. They have boasted of having the followership of the electorates in their kitty.

Severally they claimed to have won the gubernatorial election which they said was robbed from them by judicial fiat. They have forgotten (or ignorant of) the fact that the choice of comes from God not from the ballot box. Many a ballot box choices have fallen dead before their swearing in and others were sworn in their stead. Other elected were sworn in and later disqualified by the Courts and given to others. 

This ignorant crop of politicians must therefore know that even if they are the choice of the people Matawalle is God’s own choice. Zamfarans being God-fearing prefer Allah’s choice to their own choice. That is why they are all in support of Matawalle today, leaving the power mongers to their delusion.

To continue in their delusion, they boast of having the 14 local government chairmen also in their kitty. They allegedly taxed them for a monthly meeting in Talata Mafara where they continued to challenge Allah’s decision. In such meetings, they spit brim and fire as majority of Zamfarans listened to them with disgust. In most of their comments, they covertly called Matawalle names. They said he is a political upstarter despite the fact that none among them has a record near that of his in the political history of Zamfara state.

Authentic sources have revealed the consistent pressure these disgruntled politicians have been putting on the local government chairmen to use the offices at the grassroots to sabotage the administration at the center. Even with these incontrovertible reports, Governor Matawalle has not been prompted to dwell negatively on the local government chairmen. Indeed, bad deed does not solve another bad deed. Only good wipes away the effect of bad deed. Hence, Matawalle’s political enemies always finds themselves as losers as he is always protected by the hands of God due to his ever honesty in governance. 

Now, the major pride of his opponents has slipped away from them; the gamut of the 14 local government chairmen. When Matawalle met them in office, he preferred and chose to work with them despite party differences. As a true democrat, Matawalle neither removed the chairmen from office nor muscled them financially or otherwise to toe his biddings.

However, nine months later, nine of the 14 local government chairmen became satisfied that Matawalle is a better leader than any one they can find in the present crop of their own political party. The therefore, decided, on their own, not only to transfer their loyalty to the government, but completely dump their political party for that of Governor Matawalle. Among the chairmen and councillors was the councillor representing Abdulazeez Yati’s ward in Talata Mafara.

One very significant catch again for Matawalle was the devastation of Sani Jaji camp. Jaji is a staunch rival of Matawalle. He was once a member of the National Assembly and later, a gubernatorial candidate who opposed the candidature of Matawalle and lost. He later joined the camp of Abdulazeez Yari in the APC, and together, they were fighting Governor Matawalle. 

However, following the decamping of the local government chairmen, no fewer than 50,000 strong delegation from Jaji’s camp came to the Government House to express their desire to join the train of his excellency which he accepted. Among the decampees were the executive members of the Sani Jaji campaign train. 

Since the announcement of their defection, it has been mum on the other camp. They were taken off guard and no longer in control of their balance resulting from this unexpected political uppercut. But then, this is just the beginning for better tiding to come for the peace and progress of Zamfara state. Indeed, whoever chose to fight God will end up punching himself to stupor and ignoble death.

Zailani Bappa,

Gusau, Zamfara state

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