Masari urges agitators for secession to rethink

Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina state weekend called on those agitating for the division of the country to have a rethink, as the unity of the country is sacrosanct.

Masari made the call during an interactive session with the NUJ Correspondent Chapel members to mark the Democracy Day activities in his office.

He described the agitators as senseless people whose agitations are not healthy for the development of the country. He added that it is better to insist on the need to restructure the country in all its ramifications instead of clamouring for disintegration.

The governor urged those calling for the division of the country to jettison such ideas and join hands with other Nigerians to move the country forward.

“Well, those calling for the division of Nigeria from other parts of the country have no sense, because if they have sense, they would not be pursuing such agenda and they are amongst us in this country. There is no village in Nigeria that you don’t find them.

“But I don’t think a sensible leader from that part of the country that knows what he is doing will call for the division of the country. If the country is divided, where will they go? You don’t have any other country to go.”

Masari called on both religious and political leaders, irrespective of ethnic, religious and tribal affiliations to come together, set aside every selfish interest and primordial sentiments for the unity of the country.