Letter to UBA Zakibiam branch, Benue state

An elderly man, known as Terver Swende, received a call from someone who claimed to be a staff of UBA and asked for his pin number in order to update his account.

After giving his pin, he called his son to inform him of the incident. Quickly, the son instructed him to visit the bank and report the incident.

The very day of the incident, Papa visited the branch of UBA at Zakibiam, Benue state where he does his transactions and reported the incident. Luckily, he was not having any money in his account at the time of this development.

The bank in question assured him of working on the report to ensure his account is secure. Three weeks after the report on the incident to his bank (UBA), his pension was paid and the entire money was taken from his account.

He rushed to the bank to seek an explanation. The manager of the UBA at Zakibiam branch, Benue state, where the issue was reported, intervened but his money was not refunded. Papa was helpless as there was no one to assist to fight his case. Therefore, those involved were not punished and his money was not refunded.

Thereafter, Papa’s pension was coming into his account, and he withdraws without issues until the last September, the pension was paid as usual and it was equally wiped out of his account!

While investigating the incident, I called Mr. Mark Zever, a staff of the bank, who is also aware of the incident, to hear the bank’s side of the story.

He acknowledged and claimed the bank was working on the case to address the issue after 10 working days. The 10 working days have gone, the issue is still pending with no hope.

I am calling on the management of the bank, particularly the UBA overall boss, to look into this and ensure the refund of Papa’s two months’ pensions since the staff appeared to be responsible and irresponsible.

Awunah Pius Terwase,
TV presenter at Kaftan Television, Abuja
[email protected]