Lawyers can’t submit petitions, Bauchi APC appeal committee declares

The appeal committee sent by the national headquarters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to Bauchi state to listen to the complaints of aggrieved members has stated that lawyers are not allowed to be involved during sittings with the committee.

Chairman of the committee Alhaji Mohammed Mabo Kassim stated this Monday while addressing newsmen on the commencement of the committee’s sitting.

He noted that a lawyer had stormed the secretariat Monday with a petition but was asked by the committee to instruct his client to come by himself saying appeals and petitions within the party is like family affairs that do not need third parties.

He promised that the committee would give good listening ears to all those that have grievances calling on aggrieved members to consider themselves as one family.

While lamenting that it is unfortunate that PDP occupies Bauchi government house, the committee urged all APC members in the state to unite to change the situation in the next election. 

He however said that if nobody brings a petition between Monday and Tuesday, they would assume that there is no problem in the state.