Katsina 2023: Lado and our support

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Senator Garba Yakubu Lado has emerged winner of the Katsina PDP gubernatorial primaries conducted last Friday at the party’s state secretariat. Now the task is for Katsina people to rally round him to
make sure that he takes victory from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2023. And this is the wish of the majority of people in Katsina state who are by now tired of the APC’s lack-luster administration. The belief of everybody is that Lado is better placed to help the people get their mandate back from APC. This is because he exemplified the saying that a round peg should be put on a round hole.

He has also shown that who the cap fits should wear it.
This is a man who has demonstrated that leadership is not for
self-aggrandizement but for the service of the people. For this singular effort, he has earned the collective confidence of all Katsina people both at home and abroad.
Since after winning the PDP primaries, he has set to fly the party’s flag as the governorship candidate the opposition PDP in the state with a difference.

In his victory speech, Lado described the election as a historic event
for PDP and Katsina state. His victory is surely a victory for the
people. The humble politician acknowledged that Allah gives power to
whom he wishes.

The victory of Lado is the victory for all Katsina people. I,
therefore, appeal to all the contestants in the last primaries to join
hand and work for PDP and Lado in order to come out victorious in the
general elections.

The youth had demanded that Lado succeeds the incumbent Gov Aminu
Bello Masari, elected on APC platform. Katsina people have got what
they want from the PDP primaries in person of Senato Lado. The big
task ahead of us is to sustain our support for him in order to win in
the general election.

By Allah, the major obstacle on Lado’s way has been conquered by
winning the PDP primaries. However, I urge all Katina people not relent in their support until consummates his victory in the general elections in 2023.

Most of the youths in our dear state are happy that with lado as the
governor, Katsina will enjoy a new lease of life.

We feel that Lado, as one of the political think tanks of the state, and who has worked in politics for years and would have mastered the ABC’s of governance, would hit the ground running, all for the benefits of Katsina people.

Now is the time for all Katsina people, men and women, old and young,
to come out openly to support Lado as the preferred successor to Gov

Lado’s victory in the Katsina governorship primaries is the wish of
the people. And God has given it to us. Anything short of our massive
support will not augur well for Katsina people. The political tutelage
Lado received in the National Assembly is enough to guide him in his
job as the governor of Jigawa state.

It is undoubtedly true that Lado is the darling of Katsina youths. In
modern politics, the youth are the prime movers of electoral
processes. So we want Lado’s campaign team to make sure that youths
who are the prime movers of the society take the front seat in his
campaign team.

Lado will be honest and accountable to the people of Katsina state if elected governor. And this is only possible if we campaign for him and also come out massively to give him the needed victory in 2023, but
beginning from now.

Unlike most Nigerian politicians who are preoccupied by financial
gains and sparks of office as motive for seeking public office, Lado’s
aspiration is mainly to serve the masses; and he will serve them, according to his conscience if given opportunity to do so by his people in 2023. And I am sure the victory is certain.

Lado is the man who understands modern politics and impacts it has on
the people. He is the right man who understands the political
chemistry currently ongoing in Katsina state.

The chairman of the electoral committee, Chika Nwozozo while declaring
the winner said Alhaji Garba Yakubu Lado, polled the highest number of
votes of 740, and was hereby declared winner of the gubernatorial primaries of the PDP in Katsina state. It was jubilation galore for Katsina.

Lado, a man of humility, in his acceptance speech, thanked God
almighty for making the election processes transparent and successful,
and commended the electoral committee for their fairness and transparency.

Lado described the victory last Friday as victory for all Katsina
people, as all were very committed to his victory.

He therefore, said the victory is for all of us and assured that he would carry the people along as Katsina governor.

This is the opportunity for all well-meaning members of the party to come together and support the 2023 governorship candidature of Senator Yakubu Lado.

Even his closest rival in the primaries called on every all well-meaning members of the party to unite together and support Lado in 2023 governorship election.

He said Katsina people and PDP stakeholders have one goal to achieve,
and this is to dislodge APC from Katsina government house in 2023.

We Katsina youths will never relent nor retreat, nor surrender. We will make sure that Senator Yakubu Lado Danmarke takes the Katsina Government House in 2023.

Lawal Masa writes from Katsina, Katsina state.