Kaduna elders ready to support Sani on insecurity, poverty – Gen. Lekwot


Kaduna State Elders and Senior Citizens have pledged their support to the administration of Governor Uba Sani in freeing the state from the challenges of insecurity and poverty, former military administrator of Rivers state, Gen. Zamani Lekwot (retd) has said.  

Speaking on behalf of the elders in an interview shortly after a meeting with the governor at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House, Kaduna, Gen. Lekwot said Governor Sani has started well.

 He added that they are determined to lend their support towards Governor Sani’s mission of revitalising agriculture and boosting the rural economy across the state.

He said: “As elders, our duty is to offer seasoned advice, building on our experience of the past. Today’s session was very vibrant, full of fact and hope. The key issues had to do with insecurity, and how to free Kaduna state from the shackles of insecurity. If that is done, the rural areas and urban centers will be free so that the citizens can move freely in pursuit of their happiness.

“The other crucial issue was the economic empowerment, how to resuscitate agriculture in particular. We know that agriculture is our cultural heritage, if enough food is grown and circulated, inflation will come down and every citizen will have something to eat than a course, the welfare of the citizens, how to combat poverty, how to empower the poor.”  

“Another good area the governor touched on that impressed us is how to make sure that every school-age- going child goes to school in order to lay a good foundation for their future progress. If that area succeeds, that will curb the current insecurity that we are facing. So, as elders, we have promised to do our best to support him to succeed in order to take our state to the Promised Land,” he said.

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