Iorfa seeks legislations for Lobi FC to sustain local talents at grassroot

NPFL u15

Vice chairman and Chief Executive Officer CEO of Lobi Stars Football Club FC Makurdi, Dominic Iorfa  is seeking for legislation to make it mandatory for the club  on a yearly bases recruit talents from the grassroot and train them, not only for Lobi Stars but expose them to the outside world.

He also  pledged to sustain his grassroot tour to scout for young talented  footballers at the local level.

Iorfa who addressed journalists in Makurdi in an event to mark his one year in office noted that the last tour he embarked on yielded positive result and some of the talents he got from the tour have already been called by the national team.

“During that tour we discovered more than 7 talented players and presently 2 are making very good impact. We hope to continue with the tour this year and even make it bigger than what it was before.

“This is because, to get a good player now you have to spend up to 10 million naira and when we went round, our tour materialized and one of the players we got is right now in the national team.”

Iorfa also said when he took over Lobi Stars FC in match last year, the club had debt profile of more than 60 million naira, but with the help of the state government, he was able to offset it.

He said his intentions was for Lobi FC to do well, but football is step by step, so they were working hard and trying their best to get to the top.

“For now God is hearing our prayer and my aim is by the grace of God to be in the continent.