Insecurity: Change strategy, military onslaught only cannot work, Okorocha tells FG

Senator Rochas Okorocha (APC, Imo West ), has urged the federal government to change its approach and strategies in addressing the country’s problem of insecurity, since military onslaught only cannot solve the problem.

Okorocha stated this in Abuja on Monday evening when he hosted the Ona of Abaji, Alhaji Adamu Baba Yunusa, and dozens of other Muslim faithful, including the physically challenged, to break Ramadan fast with him.

He pointedly advised the government to engage people in dialogue and establish a national security council down to the grassroots.

“The Nigerian government must change its style. It appears that the old style of force and ordering of military equipment to fight the insurgency war has not helped us. It is even increasing rather in geometric progression despite the efforts of government.

“So, government must change its style. This is a time to start making more of engagements and we should declare our national security council in various rural areas. People should be encouraged, engaged in discussion and come up with the lasting solution to the problems,” he said.

He added that for lasting peace in the country, Injustice and poverty fueling insecurity must be tackled head – on.

According to him, the twin factors of injustice and poverty were responsible for the current level of insecurity in Nigeria.

“if the government hopes to reduce the level of anger in the country, it must begin to tackle every sense of injustice and do all that is possible to make the people happy.

“Over 75% of Nigerian citizens are angry at the turn of events in the country; and nothing useful can come out of a country with so much bitterness and anger.

“You can’t solve a problem unless you know the causative factor. The cause of our Nigerian problem lies in injustice and poverty and the quicker government moves to address the issue of injustice, the better it is for our nation to reduce the level of anger on the nation,” he stressed.

He, however, encouraged Nigerians not to be despair to the point of giving up on the country.

“Nigerians must never give up on our nation. It is true that things are not okay in our nation. It is true that there is insecurity and economic challenges but we must never give up on Nigeria. I believe that a new Nigeria will soon evolve,” he enthused.

He explained further that bame game among Nigerians , particularly among the political elites is not the solution to the problems at hand because abuses and anger will not help solve the problem.

What the country needs he added, is to find a new approach to the situation that will replace anger with love.

He said, “This is not a period to play blame games, make abuses or criticisms because that has not helped us. If abuses and anger can solve the problems, they would have helped this nation by now.

“So, we have to change our style as a nation and imbibe the spirit of brotherhood, prayers and love.”

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