How husband starved me of sex for 1 year – wife laments

A nurse in Ebonyi state, Elizabeth Omeh, Wednesday said she wants to return the bride price paid on her head back to the husband’s family.

Mrs Omeh said she is returning her bride price because the marriage was done out of deceit and that the husband beats her whenever she demanded for sex.

She however, noted the husband is mentally deranged.

Mrs Omeh who disclosed this at Ebonyi family Law Centre, a special court in the state that handles family matters, said her husband almost strangled her to death when she demanded love making.

Mrs Omeh noted that  her husband James has starved her of sex for one year and that each time she makes attempt to seduce him for sex, he will start beating him.

She said she is tired of the marriage and has decided to return the dowry paid on her to her husband family.

According to her, the family is yet to show remorse by coming to her parents to plead for peaceful resolution despite three years of separation.

“I had a baby boy before the family came to marry me. Johnson (not real name) is the one that they presented to come and marry me. After the traditional marriage, we went to stay with them. Then they told me that it is James (not real name) that is my husband. I discovered James is mentally ill, epileptic and impotent.

“He does not talk from morning till night. In the night he attacks me with cutlass. He wanted to kill me one night. I was sleeping in the night and he nearly strangled me to death.

“I have spent 3 years in my father’s house without any information from them. So now, I want to be free from them. Another day, he nearly killed me because I tried to arouse him for sexual intimacy as my supposed husband. He beat me until I fainted.  They should come and collect the dowry they gave my parents.”