Hon. Beji consolidates lawmaking with projects execution

What differentiate a lawmaker from another is his or her ability to carry out responsibilities outside the scope of his duties and performed them excellently, even when he is not prescribed under duress. He does it because of his love and benevolence to the people he is representing.

 This is what Hon. Shehu Barwa Beji, is doing in the National Assembly, since the commencement of the 9th Assembly, Beji has not rested on his seat  for a day without doing one thing or the other . He has merged his official duties of lawmaking   with that of a life changing and people oriented   projects to the people he is representing.

Hon. Beji was elected under the All Progressives Congress Party, to represent the good people of Bosso/Paikoro federal constituency of Niger State.  Before coming to National Assembly,  he was elected twice  the    Chairman of  Bosso Local Government Council   , and  due to his outstanding performance  , he was  re- appointed  chairman of the same  local government , that made him  outstanding and one of the longest serving Council Chairmen in the state. This was because he performed excellently as such; he was appointed the Executive Secretary, Niger State Pilgrims Welfare Board.

 In all these positions Beji, never neglected anyone, rather used it to render services to the people coupled with his style of   open door policy, which earned him credit to the  people at the grassroots level  and that also   endeared him the ticket to National assembly.

Few months after his elections to the  National Assembly , Beji swung into action by engaging  some  youths under his pay role, according to him   the youths are most  vulnerable to the society and if   engaged they will not  indulge in  violence, thuggery and other acts of societal ill  that will  potent danger to the people.

 As if that was not enough the Lawmaker went ahead to facilitate  people oriented and life changing projects with empowerments programmes that were   beneficial to the people  of the state, mostly the youths and  women  within Bosso/ Paikoro federal constituency, all was to make them compete favorable with their counterpart around the world and contribute   meaningfully to the society.

 The life changing projects was designed in form of    skill acquisition and training for the youths within the two local governments representing his constituency. The training were conducted in the areas of wielding, barbing, tailoring, hair dressing and mobile phone repairs, and  both   youths and women  participated in the  training which was carried out  by qualified personnel , which was a huge  success to the whim and caprices.

 Hon. Beji , also roll out financial support and  grant   to  the needy, mostly the widows, artisans , traders and  the   less privilege people    for them to  start petty business and earn a living,  a gesture he is doing even till now .

 Another part of his projects to the people of his constituency within the last two years are the provision of motor cycles to tackle insecurity within the crisis areas. The motor cycles were to use as surveillance. He donated twenty one motorcycles machines to vigilant group within Bosso/Paikoro constituency for a routine monitoring and guard of the areas. This was as a result of insecurity bedeviling the area.

Other projects executed by Hon. Beji within two years of his election to the national assembly, were the construction of maternity health centers at Beji Primary health Centre in Beji ward of Bosso local government council.

He also donated relief materials to flood victims in Bosso/Paikoro federal constituency in the state.

Within two years in office, he donated palliatives to widows of fallen Heroes and wives of soldiers at battle field under Minna Barracks Niger State as part of his personal contributions.

He also donated basic pharmaceutical drugs to primary health centers in Bosso and Paikoro , his federal constituency .While also donated over two hundred sewing and grinding machines to women and youths in Bosso and Paikoro constituency.

The Lawmaker also, Constructed three blocks of classroom at Kodo primary school,  Kodo ward in Bosso which are on going 

And at the same time Constructed another three blocks of classroom at PMASI primary school , Maitumbi ward in Bosso local government council area which will soon be commissioned .

He is constructing a similar three blocks of class room school at BWAFIYI primary school at Tungan Mallam ward in Paikoro local government  to balance the equation within the two local government he is representing.

Also he is constructing three blocks of class rooms   that will be commissioned soon at CHIMBI primary school in CHIMBI council ward , representing his constituency 

Hon. Beji recently procured over 15 thousand  litres of herbicide   chemicals  ,an agricultural chemicals used in killing weeds in this raining seasons and distribute it to  farmers of  Bosso and Paikoro federal constituency  for use in their large farms instead of using bare hands to weed.

Beji also bought  a  big set of generator to the people of Chikodna community to enable them power their motorise borehole ,so that the supply of water will be available to the community constantly .

The Lawmaker said that his legislative interest are in  Agriculture, education, employment, health care and security  and within this two years ,he  was able to   sponsored some  bills and moved  motions that if passed to law  will  benefit not only the people of Niger  state but  the entire country at large.

One of the  Bills were on the  Pension Reform Act (Amendment) BILL 2019,another Bill was on  National Agency for Food , Drugs Administration and Control Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020, While he  also moved a  Motion on the  Urgent Public Importance Calling on  the National Assembly Management to Evolve Total Overhaul of the National Assembly Security System to Avert Impending Attacks  as well as a  Motion of Urgent Public Importance Calling on the Federal Government to Establish Military Bases in Shiroro/ Rafi/Munya Federal Constituency of Niger State, to Combat Banditry Attacks so that it will not  Spill into other   Parts of Bosso/Paikoro Federal Constituency and also Calling for Expedient Dissolution of Service Chiefs . Part of the motion was granted as the services chiefs were dissolved.

 Hon . Beji also moved a Motion of Urgent Public Importance Calling on the National Population Commission to Suspend the Conduct of 2021 Nationwide Census Exercise Until Security of the Nation is Stabilized (2021

Indeed, he is an embodiment of hope and development as he has carved a niche for himself in the first half of his sojourned as a Lawmaker into the national Assembly. The lawmaker often says that he will continue to offer selfless  services to the people he is representing  and  will never  relent or deter from it  despite the paucity of funds. 

 Hon Beji,s score card    to the people of his  constituency   are laudable to their    admirations , even though  he is a first timer in the national assembly, most   first timers when elected  at the assembly  dedicate  the  first two  years in studying the act of  Lawmaking ,  but he waves such insinuations and   swung into  actions by deploying the dividend of democracy  to his people  which    are prove positive that , if giving   another opportunity to serve  , he will do more in leaving up to their expectations  . The ball is now in their court to choose whom will serve them in the coming elections that is beginning to build up . For Hon. Beji the 2021 projects will soon commence in earnest.

 That is to say the best is yet to come.  Kudos to Hon Beji you are indeed working for your people. 

Alu writes from Abuja