History of Kano royal tool, Twin Spear

Twin Spear is a combination of two spears that is very important. In fact, it is one if not the most important royal tools in Kano Emirate. No body processes and uses twin spear except the end. In the entire Nigerian hemisphere and West African sub region, no body has the right of using twin spear except Kano Emirate.

Nawata and Gawata (1133-1135)
After the demise of Sarkin Kano Gijimasu, his twin sons, Nawata and Gawata succeeded him.
The origin of twin spear can be traced to Habe Rulers of Kano, thus, no other Emirate is allowed to emulate this ancient tradition of using twin spear except Kano Emirate, because the emirate once had two emirs that ruled at the same time. Where both of them used to sit on the throne together, each of them had a spear as his staff of office, the colour of the first spear is red, while the colour of the second spear is green.

History shows that each colour of the spears has a meaning. According to historians, the “read colour” stands for “War Lord”, the ” green colour ” stands for “Lord of Seeds and Stream”.
Nawata and Gawata ruled Kano for only a couple of years. They died same day, same time. It is very important for us to note that these twin emirs were not Muslims, but pagans.

Emir of Kano Yusa (1135-1193AD)
After the demise of Nawata and Gawata, their younger brother, Yusa, succeeded them in the year 1135AD, where he (Yusa) merged their spears.
Sarkin Kano Yusa was the first emir that started using it as ” Twin Spear” (Tagwayen Masu). Yusa ruled Kano for 58 years.
Since the death of Sarkin Kano Yusa in the year 1193AD none of his successors used it, the twin spears (tagwayen masu) was kept aside, until during the reign of Sarkin Kano Muhammadu Rumfa in the year 1462AD.

How dies the twin spear (Tagwayen Masu) look like
The twin spear look just like any other spears and arrows. Twin spears is an iron or was made of black iron, the head of the spear is not big or wide.
The twin spear that the emir is using now is not the real twin spear, the type that the emir is using now is just for identification of Kano Emirship and beautifying the Royal Regalia of the ancient Kano Emirate.

The real twin spear (Tagwayen Masu) that the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Rumfa, ordered its merger, whenever it is used, used to give sound, a sound of an iron that used to scare whoever heard it, because of what the Habe rulers did on it of their charms.

Nobody is holds the twin spear directly with his hand, except the emir, whoever situation warrants to touch or hold it, he must use a piece of cloth to touch or hold it, according to traditions and royal provisions of Kano Emirate.
Twin Spear (Tagwayen Masu) is one of the essential tools needed when installing a new emir. Processing the twin spears is the first thing that will signify that the person has ascended the throne and became an emir.

Acknowledgement: Special royal salute to a historian par excellence, a journalist, a royalist and a grand son of Sarkin Kano Usman Maje Ringim, ‘Prince Kassim Tijjani Turaki.

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