Happening now: Fans in excitement mood, defy COVID-19, flood streets as England lead Italy in Euro 2020 final

Fans at Wembley as England face Italy in Euro final

England fans have already gathering as excitement surrounds their team’s Euro 2020 final against Italy.

At the moment, England are leading Italy 1-0 with the match less than 20 minutes played.

Revellers had also filled the streets in central London ahead of the game.

But at Wembley, footage showed dozens of fans trying to force their way past barriers to get into the stadium.

A spokesperson for Wembley Stadium said: “Safety measures were quickly activated in the relevant areas and there were no security breaches of people without tickets getting inside the stadium.”

The Metropolitan Police said: “We supported the security teams at Wembley Stadium a short time ago with this incident.

“Wembley security officials have confirmed there was no security breaches of people without tickets getting inside the stadium.”

From living rooms to pubs, fan zones and a packed Wembley stadium, millions are expected to watch Sunday evening’s match.

There are huge crowds in Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square in central London, where a ticketed Uefa fan zone has been set up.

Many pubs in the area are fully booked and those turned away have filled the streets, chanting and blaring air horns.

Flares were set off outside King’s Cross station, while some fans climbed on top of a bus near Wembley Stadium.

Videos on social media also showed bottles being throw in Leicester the Met Police urged supporters to “keep themselves safe”, adding that people had been seen jumping off street lamps or hoardings in central London.

Fans have been told not to come to the capital unless they have match tickets, or somewhere booked to watch the game.

Italy are expected to have several thousand UK-based supporters at the game, while a maximum of 1,000 fans have been given special permission to fly from Italy for the final.

England’s coronavirus restrictions are not due to be lifted until 19 July, so certain rules still apply – such as up to six people or two households being able to meet indoors.

Pubs will be allowed to stay open an extra 45 minutes in case of extra time and penalties, while thousands of schoolchildren will be allowed to arrive later on Monday so they can watch the final.

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