GSF recognised for implementing ESG principles

In recognition of its commitment to the Environment, Social and Governance Principles (ESG) principles, Green Sahara Farms (GSF) has been shortlisted by the global alliance for a bio-economy led by the Prince of Wales as the only the Nigerian company to participate at the Living Labs for Nature and People Event to be held at the Dumfries House, Scotland on the 19th January.

The Managing Director of GSF, Suleiman Dikwa, while speaking to newsmen in Abuja disclosed that in the last 10 years they had planted 250,000 economic trees in the communities where they are working, adding that their plan is to plant 25million trees and lift about 84000people out of poverty.

He disclosed that the ESG principle ensured that its systems and processes are in tandem with the Sustainable Development Goals, where farmers get fair pricing and more value from their efforts while practicing sustainable management of natural resources to protect the environment.

He said: “Due to our commitment to ESG, our purpose is not limited to making profit but also social and environment impact being the underlying essence of our business.”

“Under the ESG, the farmers get more value for their crop and the environment is more protected. In essence we are making a commitment to creating an innovative and conducive environment for our workers to evolve, develop sustainable solutions for the farmers and protect the environment.”

Dikwa stated that with Green Tree Thrift program, farmers can earn a minimum of N3million annually through planting of economic trees.

“GSF has been providing each household in these communities where they work with 300 nurseries to plant trees,” he said.

On how people can earn a minimum of N3 million yearly from planting trees, Dikwa explained that a cashew tree produces a minimum of 20kg of fruit per tree, when multiplied by 300 trees, it gives six tonnes.

He said a tonne of Cashew in the international market is about N500, 000, when multiplied by six tonnes, it gives N3 million.

He added that the green tree thrift project is an economic and cultural strategy to develop a bio-economy whereby the sustainable utilisation of natural resources through agro forestry would improve and create a green industry.

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