Governor’s withdrawal of councillors, SAs sharing slots commendable – PDP chieftain

A Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) Chieftain in Atiba local government area of Oyo state, Hon Babatunde Esuola has commended Gov Seyi Makinde over the withdrawal of the list for the sharing of Supervisory councillors and Special Advisers slots across the 33 local government areas in the state.

Hon Esuola in an open letter to Gov Makinde hailed his bold step on the withdrawal of the list circulating round which according to him was totally against the PDP 70% and Coalition 30% sharing template.

The PDP Chieftain in the letter titled “Open letter to His Excellency on the imbalance in the sharing of Atiba LG and Soro LCDA PDP Supervisory Councillors and Special Advisers slots,: my protest”,
while describing the withdrawn lists as ” a fraud”, called on Gov Makinde ” to consult with all the local stakeholders for a new list.”

On the sharing formula of Supervisory councillors and Special Advisers slots in Atiba local government and Soro LCDA, Hon Esuola said ” the sharing formula of 70% (PDP) and 30% (Coalition) is a welcome gesture, however I wish to complain on the recent list circulating round, which totally go against your PDP 70% and Coalition 30% sharing template in Atiba LG and Soro LCDA”.

” Your novel idea of the sharing formula and template of the above subject matter is highly commendable, that is a demonstration of honesty and sincerity to fulfill agreements. It isn’t pretence but that is who you are, only God has the adequate reward for you and Almighty will certainly bless you more sir.”, he said

Hon Esuola added, ” we were told that you have approved the list and you have instructed that, they should be sworn for and assume office yesterday Monday. But to God be the glory the lies crashed by your directive to withdraw the list across the 33LGs”.

“Your Excellency Sir, the list is devil incarnate; I was earlier constrained to complain because it was difficult for me to find out if truly you approved such a list. But as it is clear that the list emanated from a tyrannical cabal working days and night to discredit your good work and intention for the good people of Oyo State and those party members that worked for you. Sir I can now complain and protest against the list. May I crave your indulgence to forgive me about this mode of communication with you, Sir, it is as a result of urgency it required, and moreover, I want people to contradict my claims.

“The Atiba/Soro list like other local governments was a total fraud. Sir you will be surprised to know that out of 10 Supervisory councilors and 2 Secretaries total 12, Atiba PDP got just 5 slots and the rest 7 goes to Coalition group but using PDP disguised.

“Also on the special adviser list, only 2 out of 10 was given to PDP the remaining 8 goes to the Coalition in disguised of PDP. This list was completely in a gross violation of your 70% and 30% sharing directives and it’s not acceptable to PDP members in Atiba/Soro local government.

Hon Esuola added, ” therefore, I wish to suggest for your consideration and approval of the following sharing formula for Atiba LG and Soro LCDA. 70% of 12 supers and secretary is 8 slots for PDP and 4 slots for Coalition and 70% of 10 Special assistant is seven slots for PDP and 3 slots for coalition.”

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