Gov. Bala, rescue Bauchi Radio sub-stations

It is imperative to draw the attention of Governor Bala Mohammed and the Bauchi State Ministry of Information to the current predicament of the Bauchi Radio Corporation, BRC, particularly those in the local government areas.

These include BRC FM Ganjuwa, Alkaleri, Kirfi, Bununu, Jama’are and Katagun stations. These stations are no longer giving the listeners the needed information as a result of poor manpower and their inability to secure advertisements.

His Excellency sir, as a former radio presenter, you know how radio plays a significant role in the life of citizens, especially in the rural areas where there is no access to television and other Information dissemination gadgets. Through the use of radio, rural dwellers get access to the state’s facilities like health and education.

However, radio in a democratic dispensation means a lot to the people through which they get access to government facilities with the help of community-based programmes, where experts from various human disciplines are invited to comment or talk on issues of public importance.

Additionally, sir, the stations are playing a very important role in educating the people on the need to engage in agriculture and the various modern farming methods, through drama and discussion programmes. Also, the people get to learn how to take good care of themselves and their environment, order to be protected against diseases outbreak.

This is to say, the lack of functional radio stations will contribute to poor governance, disease outbreaks and economic hardship in the state as well as make people feel isolated from the affairs of the government.

Similarly, the station airs programmes aimed at bringing the conflicting farmers and herdsmen together thereby bringing peace to various communities.

Sir, despite these significant roles the stations are playing in the host communities, most of the stations are no longer operating. Though we have 10 community stations in the state apart from the mother station in Bauchi metropolis, but there is a communication gap in the state.

I therefore passionately appeal to you sir, to intervene by providing the necessary manpower to those FM stations so as tto have an inclusive governance.

Esther John Zaro,
Department of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri