Experts make case for agroecology in Nigeria

Experts have called for the adoption of Agroecological farming to ensure food and livelihood security, with substantial income increases, higher yields and productivity.

Speaking during a training workshop for journalists in Abuja recently, the Coordinator Food Sovereignty Program, Friends of the Earth Nigeria and Africa, Barr. Mariann Bassey– Orovwuje, said agroecology system of farming improves nutrition and family health; increased soil fertility and crop diversity, lower risk and reduced input costs.

Speaking on a topic titled: “Agroecology As A Viable Solution To Climate Change And The Food Crisis,” said while industrial farming claims to have raised yields, it has done so at great cost, with extensive soil damage, huge biodiversity loss, and negative impacts on food sovereignty.

“By contrast, agroecology offers a wide range of sustainable benefits far beyond yields. Where conventional agriculture seeks to simplify, agroecology embraces complexity. Where conventional agriculture aims to eliminate biodiversity, agroecology depends on diversity, and builds upon it. Where conventional agriculture pollutes and degrades, Agroecology regenerates and restores, working with nature, not against her.

“Building resilience in agricultural systems means, first of all, taking care of soil health. Healthy soils absorb water more easily, so precious rainwater is not wasted;. Enriched by organic manure, compost, mulches or nitrogen-fixing trees, such soils are able to hold a large amount of moisture over a sustained period, protecting farmers longer in drought conditions.