Global organic-fertilizer market to hit $13.6bn by 2029

Study has shown that the global organic-fertilizers market size was valued at $7.9 billion in 2024 is projected to reach $13.6 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 11.5% during the study period.

The study published by Organic Fertilizers market website recently, revealed that the symbiotic relationship between the adverse effects of chemical fertilisers and the rising preference for environmentally conscious food fuels the growth of the organic fertilizers industry.

“This transition underscores a wider dedication to sustainable farming methods and reducing ecological damage. A growing number of consumers are drawn to organic food options driven by health and environmental consciousness. Organic agriculture, characterised by its avoidance of synthetic fertilizer, aligns closely with these evolving consumers’ values, thus amplifying its appeal.

The report further stressed that, the upsurge in organic food sales has spurred the organic fertiliser market’s growth. It is fuels by drives consumers’ preference and regulatory initiatives. Growing awareness about health and the environment drives consumers to choose organic food for perceived health benefits.

“Consequently, farmers are increasing adopting organic farming practices to meet this demand. Organic fertilisers plays pivotal roles in these practices, ensuring crops receives essential nutrient while adhering to organic standards.

“Through natural processes such as nitrogen fixation; phosphate solubilization; and the production of compounds that stimulate growth, biofertilizers provide nutrients to plants. They boost soil organic matter and aid in restoring the soil’s natural nutrition cycle. By using biofertilizers, growers can increase the sustainability and health of the soil and cultivate healthy crops. Only bacteria and other biological elements that are not damaging to the environment are present in biofertilizers.

But an expert and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist at Arati, Farms and Resort, Dr. Ayodele Otaiku, speaking on the importance of organic foods has called on the government to engage in agricultural modernisation with the use of 100% organic farm inputs.

According to Ayodele, Agricultural modernization offers a crucial path to industrialization and economic transformation for Africa today. Powered by technologies such as 100% Organic Farm-inputs Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Big Data, Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). % Zero Agriculture Pollution & Residues Target.

These he said can be achieve when the government engage in regenerative Agriculture mitigates greenhouse gases (GHGs) and Carbon Sink and that old technology must be maximised and new one generated.

He said data-driven farming and Sustainable Packaging –Bioplastics must be imbibed with the introduction of Agriculture Corridor and 100% Organic Resort, air Strip for Agriculture Security and Agro-Export with Organic Foods.