Dr. Goje: A household name for disaster victims

On June 26, 2019, Dr. Goje was appointed as the executive secretary of SEMA Executive Secretary of Yobe State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, by Governor Mai-Mala Buni because of his commitment and dedication to serving the needs of the communities in the form of humanitarian assistance. Of course, Dr. Goje has paid his dues to the administration of Mai-Mala Buni. How? By attending to every outcry channeled to his agency and making sure that their demands are fully satisfied.

To my knowledge, several reports carried out and released by the Yobe State Emergency Management Agency in 2019–2023 revealed that over 300,000 vulnerable households under the stewardship of Dr. Goje were provided with numerous relief materials, ranging from foodstuffs to empowerment kits and monthly stipends to flood victims.

However, in almost every nook and cranny of Yobe state, their lives were touched by all sorts of humanitarian gestures under the selfless service of his agency. Obviously, people from different angles in this country have commended the efforts of Dr. Goje extended to the victims of natural calamities.

Dr. Goje’s contributions to the casualties of natural disasters are quite evident. One cannot wake up every day without seeing Dr Goje’s name appear in newspaper headlines. One could even define Goje’s selfless undertakings even by the newspaper headlines.

Therefore, the re-elected governor of Yobe State, Mai-Mala Buni, should reappoint him to continue rendering such humanitarian services to the state and work hand-in-shoulder with the governor.

Kasim Isa Muhammad,
Yobe state.