Desperate plot to defame Kpokpogri: An exercise in futility, by Tony Arugba

Comrade Joseph Kpokpogri is reputable for his campaign against anti-corruption. He is the publisher of Integrity Watchdog Magazine of which his reports are balanced and unbiased. His reports are not malice driven, but facts. 

For the writer of the venomous publication titled “ PRINCE KPOKPOGIRI: THE NOTORIOUS BLACKMAILER & EXTORTIONIST WHO IS A CONSULTANT WITH THE ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION (EFCC) to tag Kpokpogri a blackmailer shows that he is delusional, depraved and has a small mind.

Being an anti-corruption crusader means people will attempt to tarnish your image by calling you unprintable names. They will label you a blackmailer or even arrest you for being a journalist of value.

Have you ever seen anybody throwing stones at an unripe mango? If there is any, it is a clear manifestation of psychotic dimension. 

His dealings with Senator Peter Nwaoboshi is strictly on friendship level.  There was never a time he blackmailed Nwaoboshi as claimed by the writer. The claims by this writer is contrived. He concocted this false and baseless information from the pit of hell with help of the devil to enhance the defamatory campaign of his pay master. Nwaoboshi’s travails had nothing to do with Kpokpogri.

On Tonto Dike’s false alarm of threat by Kpokpogri to expose her nudes, it is crystal clear that it is a situation of relationship gone sour. If a relationship between two consenting adults ends, it is only fitting that both parties go their separate ways and seek emotional fortunes elsewhere. However, in this case of Tonto Dike, she has employed her usual tactics of defaming her ex-boyfriend. Recall that after the relationship between Tonto and Churchill ended, she made life miserable for him on social media for many years. She called Churchill many names. She called him a ritualist, an internet fraudster “yahoo boy” and other names. Tonto Dike alleged that Kpokpogri is threatening to release her nudes; the question now is, where and when was the threat made? Where is the voice recording? The burden of proof is on the person alleging. If she so claims that he threatened to release her nudes, let her provide irrefutable evidence.

Senator Godswill Akpabio is the Minister of Niger Delta, former Senator, former governor of Akwa-Ibom State and high ranking member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) with enormous political power. For the writer to claim that Kpokpogri is being used by Akpabio for racketeering is unthinkable considering the political and socio-economic power he wields. Akpabio has all the connections, so will not have any use for Kpokpogri. The relationship between Okowa and Kpokpogri is like father and son. There is a good rapport between them. To further show how twisted and demented the writer is, he claimed that Kpokpogri holds Okowa hostage. How can one man hold the sitting Governor of Delta State hostage? 

The writer continues to tow the path of ignorance or malice when he added Uduaghan to the fray. Uduaghan is a god-father figure to Kpokpogri, nothing more. The writer is desperate in his attempt to discredit Kpokpogri, which is the reason behind the false narratives he exhibited in the publication. 

While he has never met Cecilia Ibru before, his relationship with Dr. Cairo Ojougbo is cordial. Dr. Cairo is a respected Deltan and elder statesman.

As a Nigerian with inalienable rights, Kpokpogri has the right to association. Ngozi Olejeme, Hon. Ndudi Elumelu, Minority Leader of House Representatives, Hon. Friday Osanebi and other persons mentioned are people he knows. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being friends with respected members of the society such as they. The way the writer has gone about this publication shows he is clueless. As a writer, you must write with facts. He mentioned different figures without evidences to back up his claims. Where are the transaction details? Where are the receipts and tellers of those figures? The quality of a good writer include : a unique quality of maintaining discipline; patience; ability to write with facts; paying attention to details among other. All these qualities are deficient in this piece, which indicates that the writer is a mediocre. He needs to hon his writing skills in order not to be an embarrassment to the journalistic profession. We dare him to provide evidence to back his false claims, less he hides his face in shame.

Tony Arugba is the editor, Integrity Watch Magazine.