Dear G7 of NASS speakership aspirants

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The election day of the speakership of the 10th Assembly is close and campaign season is coming to an end.
Congratulations on merging yourselves as G7. Enjoy the moment, but understand that as a group, you have to turn your attention to nominate one of your members as aspirant. It is an enormous task.

With that in mind, please accept this respectful advice. Be prudent in thought and deed. Respect the zoning by the National Working Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) of speakership to the North-west and only Hon. Sada Soli and Hon. Aminu Sani Jaji hail from the zone.

I humbly advise you to support and nominate Sada Soli as your aspirant for the 10th assembly. Soli will not disappoint you as he comes from the best performing state where 80 percent of its House of Representatives were won by APC. Soli is a high ranking member, having served in several house committees and was chief of staff of the 7th assembly.

Millions of people at home are supporting your merging as G7 and hoping you win the battle insha Allah.

Be humble! Understand that greater leaders than you have passed the office you are about to hold, and have the humility to learn from them. Lear from other outstanding leaders from various walks of life. Keep in mind that no successful person does it on his own.

Finally, listen carefully. You have spent the two or three months telling your colleagues that you will support whoever comes from the zone decided by APC’s NWC.

Hon. Hamisu Yusuf (Sa’in Jibia),