CSO condemns media attack, passes vote of confidence on NSCDC boss

The Conference of Harmonized Civil Society Organisations (CHSCON), a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) has called on the general public to disregard a publication purportedly written by it’s National Coordinator, calling on President Bola Tinubu to sack and prosecute Mr. Abubakar Audi, the Commandant General of the Nigerian Civil Defence and Security Corps (NSCDC) over some spurious, baseless and unfounded allegations.

The group in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja by its Legal Adviser, Barrister Kunle Fagbemi, described those behind the article as imposters and fraudsters who have chosen to hide behind its hard earned reputation to assassinate the impeccable character of the NSCDC boss.

According to the learned silk, “It is rather sad that some persons have taken advantage of their freedom of speech to inflict injury on others without recourse to the damage their lies can cause. To now use an organisation that has built its reputation over the years on the values of integrity, fairness and transparency to orchestrate such a demonic attack is not only callous but shameful.

“In his short time in office, Mr. Audi has transformed the NSCDC into a highly motivated and professional organisation with wide reaching impacts and achievements both in the area of safeguarding public installations, election monitoring and security as well as the beefing national security alongside other security agencies. Anybody calling for the sack of this core professional is a joke and must not be taken seriously”

In refuting the baseless media attacks, the group passed a vote of confidence on the Commandant General of the NSCDC, Mr. Audi, adding that, the group acted on false information provided by Enemies of progress. Mr. Audi remains the best and most outstanding CD in the history of the Corps who assumed office with a well articulated master plan that has been followed dutifully towards building a resilient, impactful and independent Corps.

“As a group, we have watched with admiration the work the CG is doing in repositioning the Corps with a unique identity and professional structure. We therefore pass a strong vote of confidence not just on the CG but his entire team who have worked tirelessly to rebrand the Corps to enhance its contribution to national development and security of the country”, the statement added.

While calling on Mr. President to continue to give the NSCDC on the leadership of Mr. Audi all the support it needs to keep up the good work, the group enjoined the general public to disregard the activities of political jobbers who are bent on causing disaffection in the current administration to pave way for themselves and their cronies.

“Mr. President, we are confident in your leadership and we hope that you won’t be swayed by the activities of desperate politicians who are trying to find relevance in your adminstration. Their desperation should not be rewarded in anyway. Only merit, fairness and competence should guide your decisions. We are therefore confident that you’ll accord Mr. Audi, a competent security administrator all the support he needs to do his job perfectly regardless of the distractions around him”, the statement concluded.