COVID-19 aftermath: PPH prayer platform most sought after – Report

Recent report has indicated that the daily Prophetic Prayer Hour popularly known as PPH powered by The Transforming Church (TTC), which started with few viewers less than three years ago, is currently the most sought-after online prayer platform in the country. 

The online prayer which began in the wake of Covid-19 has so far become a daily early morning ritual for viewers all over the world where families seek spiritual nourishment before they step out for their daily routines.

As at June 19 2023, when it clocked 1000 days, report shows that the platform has grown to 2,046,000 viewers from 300 when it started in 2020.

According to the report, “This is the highest view metrics from all source of platforms used daily within the space of two and half years, attracting different participants from 110 countries.

“The two and half years metrics is a daily live broadcasting metrics views from all platforms which include: mitxr, YouTube, Instagram, radio live broadcast views and Facebook collated in total of two and half year, with 409,200 live views once in six month from all platforms.” 

The impact of prayer in a global world generally cannot be underated and PPH and other many emerged prayer platforms in Nigeria has made a tremendous contributions to both physical and spiritual growth of every individuals seeking for divine solutions. 

This is where PPH stands out for being the only prayer channel and platform with 380,000 live participants during live radio broadcast on a single media platform.

Speaking about the in-road the prayer platform has made on the global audience, Rev. Sam Oye, the Lead Pastor of TTC said when he considers that on a daily basis, people all over the world are looking forward to the prayer hour, he gets motivated never to disappoint the viewers.