CNG supports efforts to strengthen Naira, urges businesses to review exorbitant prices

Disturbed by the harsh economic reality in the Country, the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), has expressed support for any genuine efforts to strengthen and stabilize the Naira and bring back its value against the dollar.

The National Coordinator, CNG, Comrade Jamilu Aliyu Charanchi, in a press statement acknowledges some appreciable commitment to addressing economic challenges resulting from the naira’s instability against the dollar, which negatively impacted Nigerians’ purchasing power.

He CNG expressed disappointment over the reluctance of businesses to reflect the current improvement in the naira by adjusting their prices, similar to how they did when the naira was floated.

“We are saddened to admit that despite sustained gains by the naira, including in the black market, exorbitant prices of goods and services remain prevalent across Nigeria.

“The CNG is deeply concerned about the current skyrocketed prices which evidently expose some businesses as sworn enemies of Nigeria and Nigerians despite claims for the contrary.

“The CNG emphasizes that businesses must take positive steps to reciprocate the naira’s stability by lowering the price of their products for the benefit of the common man. Failure to do so may constitute deliberate economic sabotage and exploitative tendencies against Nigerians.

“Businesses in Nigeria have moral and economic obligations to contribute to the overall well-being of Nigerians, which includes lowering prices to allow citizens to fully benefit from the strengthened naira.

“The CNG calls upon these businesses to reconsider their pricing strategies that are inimical to stabilizing the economy to alleviate the pangs of hunger and financial burdens faced by many Nigerians and contribute positively to the current economic climate.

“Although profit is essential for any business, it should not come at the expense of Nigerians’ rights and privileges, which businesses must respect to enjoy a friendly business environment. The CNG believes that businesses should support initiatives aimed at controlling inflation and supporting consumers in line with best ethical business practices that encourage shared prosperity for all and sundry.

“Business entities must note that neither the country nor their businesses can achieve a sustainable growth and development when Nigerian masses continue to wallow in hunger and starvation.

“While the government has made strides in stabilizing and strengthening the naira, prices of goods and services have remained unchanged after their hikes due to a weaker naira. Hence, businesses must support efforts to stabilize the economy and recalibrate new prices in tandem with the current realities in the interest of all.

“While we specifically acknowledge the efforts of the Office of National Security Adviser (NSA), Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and other relevant agencies in achieving this milestone, the CNG stresses that efforts should be sustained until a dollar is brought below ₦1000 for Nigerians to cope with the current economic challenges.

“Furthermore, the Government through the instruments of NSA and CBN must continue in their efforts to maintain this momentum and implement further measures that will enhance the lives and livelihood of all Nigerians without fear or favour.

“We at the CNG, suggests that government’s commitment to improving economic conditions should be matched with closer surveillance of major business conglomerates engaging in ethically abhorrent business practices that stifle economic mobility of the majority of Nigerians,” he said.