CITAD, AAN launch ICT centre, library in Pasepa community

The Centre for Information and Technology Development (CITAD) in partnership with ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) launched an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre and Library for Pasepa community to enhance their knowledge in technological skills.

Speaking in an interview with journalists after the launch, the Director of Programs for ActionAid Nigeria Hajiya Suwaiba Mohammed, said the project was part of the ‘Breaking Barrier to Digital Development Initiative’ of ActionAid Nigeria.

“We want to see a situation whereby everyone in Nigeria has  digital access and are able to connect to the world, irrespective of their location, sex, gender and status,” she explained

She further explained that the organization is partnering CITAD which is providing technical support for successful implementation of the project.

 “With CITAD, we were able to work with the community after our mobilization making sure people provide the space. In partnership, we brought in the technical equipment while CITAD is bringing in the technical support in terms of  expertise and digital literacy and then we connected these people to a forum in New York where they see what is happening in the world and then they see how young people are mobilising and then they are able to take their issues in the community and engage with their duty bearers.  And then they are also engaging in digital campaigning,” Mohammed said.

She stated that the library came in following the need to expand the community knowledge because beyond just the technical library in terms of digital literacy.

 “Children are coming from school into the centre to learn computer and then the need for access to text books which are not available.  The level of poverty is high, people cannot afford some level of text books for their children.

“The library now came up to break this barrier and open access to a general process where people can come in and access the books.”

“The library is now multidimensional, we have the digital and physical books where children are able to access the books. We buy them and stock

 “Those people whose parents cannot afford the books go there and share.”

According to the community head, Alhaji Mohammed Pasepa, the training of 50 women and 25 men of the community on ICT will not be a waste.

He said, “CITAD supported us with computers and other learning equipment without requesting for anything in return, just to train our children has really given us hope especially in this era of technology civilization even when writing exams. We are privilege and so overwhelmed to be part of this initiative. We promise to make proper use of it with positive results.”

He urged the community elders to allow their children the freedom to partake in the initiative.

Earlier, the sponsorship officer CITAD Mr. Mubarak Ekute said the project was a pilot project kicked off in Pasepa. Adding that CITAD and ANN had already established ICT Centres in other communities within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), of which Pasepa is one of them.

“This is one of the communities we have been working with and they have taken ownership of the projects we have implemented in their community so they encourage us to want to do more in their community so that is why we selected them for this pilot project.

“Our expectation is that in the nearest future we will be having a generation where children will be able to read and write and then be able to explore other opportunities attached to this library project we have brought to the community,” he added.

One of the beneficiaries, Dora Felix, a JSS 2 Student, commended the duo for the initiative.

She said with the library project executed “we will now be able to visit the ICT Centre to do our assignments and also read other books for self-improvement.”

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