Christiana Stephen Knabayi’s life of dignity, faith, devotion & compassion

Even though our dearly beloved Mrs Christiana Stephen Knabayi has transited to eternal glory, we still feel her noble and stately presence all around us for she was the very embodiment of a life of selflessness, generosity, integrity, dignity, benevolence and charity to all regardless of ethnic, religious or linguistic affiliations.

Without doubt, the ever present memory of her solid and unshakable contributions to molding the impressionable minds of innumerable children, youths and even adults within the Kuje Area Council and beyond shall remain indelible and her priceless words of wisdom, advice and admonition played no mean role in enthroning the prevailing, peace and tranquility presently existing within the council and its environs.

Mummy Christiana Knabayi was an unassailable role model, all round mentor and a motivator par excellence to the vast majority of women, children, youths and adults in her ECWA Church congregation and her Kuje community, who saw her residence as an inestimable Mecca for imbibing the time honoured ethos of piety, hard work, fortitude, wisdom, forbearance and humility in all its profound and positive ramifications.

 Leadership by example and not by precept were some of the aggregate qualities of a noble Mrs Christiana Knabayi whose virtues of unceasing and unquestioning bedrock of faith in the Almighty God propelled her to offer tremendous and unquantified service to her community to the extent that there was never a major activity or undertaking by the elders and traditional authorities that her advice or input was not sought and she thus earned the title of ‘community leader’ for her sterling reputation as a courageous and principled interlocutor for the down trodden of society.

Whenever any dispute or contentious issue was referred to Mummy Christiana for resolution or mediation, she always stood on the side of truth and equity, never favouring any side or interest whatsoever and all parties to the dispute always left with the satisfaction that justice had prevailed in the matter even if the resolution was not in their favour.

And as a sagacious Mummy Christiana dispensed nuggets of wisdom and advice, her numerous children, wards and dependants were never far off, savouring and assimilating her kind words of admonition, caution and resolution which strengthened our character and sense of purpose thus preparing us for the unremitting struggles and challenges we would undoubtedly face in the wider world.

Our foresighted Mummy always made it clear to us that life was not a bed of roses and that how you lay your bed determines the way you will lie on it and she always stressed the virtues of hard work, perseverance, faithfulness, loyalty, integrity and above all obedience and faith in the Almighty God for which all things emanate from.

As far as a faithful Mummy Christiana was concerned, no matter how one sought to excel and prosper in life, nothing tangible could be achieved, no matter how hard one worked if one’s life did not embody the fear of God and compassion for one’s fellow man or woman.

At any point in time, Mummy’s abode was always full to the brim, teeming with children, youths, women and adults with the kitchen always busy as all manner of food and sumptous delicacies emanated from there, round the clock, 24/7. Hunger and empty stomachs were not part of a benevolent Mummy Christiana’s vocabulary as she believed that strong and healthy children were the foundation of a decent and enlightened society that believes in nurturing its youths to become the emergent leaders of the next generation of the globalised economic order.

Education was a concept that was dear to the heart of a progressive minded Mummy Christiana who went the extra mile in ensuring that all those young children close to her and even the adults all benefitted from western and Christian education and enlightenment to the extent that they all presently occupy sensitive and responsible positions in the nation’s public and private sectors.

For her immeasurable exertions, sacrifice, generosity and unquantifiable life of charity compassion and benevolence, Mrs. Christiana Stephen Knabayi’s wards and dependants as well as her children, numerous grandchildren owe her eternal gratitude, admiration, affection, loyalty and inestimable appreciation. May the Almighty God grant her eternal rest.

Mrs Deborah Joseph wrote in from Kuje , FCT Abuja