Borno: A man behind a man

Nobody is perfect, perfection is the attribute of God. And those who claim perfection are imperfect. A man of truth is a father to humanity, a king to existing empire and a role model to upcoming generation. An icon of truth is someone who is ready to do justice, advocate fairness, call for equality and make progress among people and communities. Truth is his passion, his hobby and truth is his soul. To him without truth he is no more; he is dead.

He sees nothing but the truth to follow everywhere he find it. He is not blind and coward, he is open minded and courageous. As a leader, while leading; he is not pointing, he is touching everything and everywhere in order to deliver in excess. He is not lazy like others seeking for unnecessary help, he is agile and committed to act upon his responsibities.

When he speak, he speak the truth with clarity and confidence. When he make promises he must make sure the promises are fulfilled truthfully. Before he make decisions, he must understand their implications on his people and communities. His utterances are sensitive to touch the untouchable and change the narratives to truth. His character is unique worthy to emulate and practice. His dressing is hmm silencing to detachment and taking minds away from worldly accumulation meanwhile material attachment.

An icon of truth is no one but Professor Babagana Umara Zulum of Yerwa. His excellency the governor of Borno state. God is great for commanding his parents for bring the champion to this century. May his infinite mercy and rewards continue to reach them for parenting such a lion. Giving birth to promising academic, political messiah and leadership saint to our generation is a miracle. Zulum is not only a leader to imitate but a father to inherit. His spirit determine his ability. His gesture defined his capability. And his deliverance represent accountability in governance and beyond.

I pray, may God bless him abundantly, may he continue to guide his actions and grant him paradise. I wish he could see this article of mine to pray for me to be like him. The like of professor Babagana Umara Zulum are very rare among humanity. He is not thief! He is truthful, honest, fearless and somebody that put his all trust in God. He is religious, tactical, vigilant and brilliant. In fact he is philosopher king and revolutionary in Borno.

I wish him all the best, the future is for him, and his name will never be forgotten in the history of Borno state. I salute Senator Kashim Shettima for choosing this epitome to lead the people of Borno state, an empire in the part of Nigeria. Kashim will forever remain pardoned for his humanistic and rationalistic political attitude of bringing good governance to North East and Nigeria at large. He is the brain box behind this achievement. He is the man behind him and a teacher that guide him. Thank you Sen. Kashim, thank you Gov. Zulum and thank you Borno state.

Khalid Yusuf Tebo

[email protected]