Bode George bags highest award as Cathedral Church Marina marks 157th anniversary

The Cathedral Church of Christ Marina, Lagos, has bestowed its highest honour on the ,former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Bode George.

The honoured was conferred on the politician during the celebration of the Church’s 157th anniversary in Lagos.

Presenting the ‘Cathedral Parish Award’ to Chief George, chairman of the 2024 Feast of Dedication Sub-committee, Mr Doyin Ogun, said the former Military Governor of Ondo state has been supporting the Cathedral over the years.

According to him, Bode George donated handsomely towards the purchase of the Cathedral Pipe Organ, donated the first set of desktop computers to start the internet centre of the church in 2002, donated handsomely towards the building of the Cathedral House and donated two big chandeliers to the Cathedral auditorium, among others.

Speaking after receiving the award, Chief George said it was an honour for him to be recognised by the church and promised to continue in doing the good work that merited the highest honour of the Cathedral Church.

He said: “Just this month of May, I have gotten four letters and I kept thinking, it’s not my birthday month, but it’s a calmness, that comparing the situation in the country, the rich, the poor, the common Nigerians and the rich Nigerians, and I said, I got a letter of award from Independent Newspaper, the Cathedral celebrating its 157th year of existence.

“So, this is the highest award in the cathedral. Then, Vanguard Newspaper is also giving me an award. And then the Committee of Patriots is also giving me an award.

“You know, what I was thinking in my mind and praying, I said, I hope God is not giving me a sign that it’s time to retire from active activities. So, that’s the interpretation because when you get to a zenith, where else do you go?

“I just keep thanking God. I have met the good, the bad and the ugly in this game. People that I would never have met. And I have experienced all sorts.”