Best site to trade gift cards in Nigeria – Quick Trades

Over the years, the gift cards industry has witnessed a surge in its number of users and market value. This is due to the rapid growth of digital commerce and the dire need for a more flexible means of payment. Gift Cards are just that-flexible.

According to research, the global gift cards market was capped at $619.25 billion in 2019. This value is expected to reach $2,076.51 billion by 2027, growing at a steady rate of 16.2%. These statistics go a long way to confirm the fact that gift cards are not going anywhere. Therefore, it is imperative for you to start trading.

Gift cards are prepaid money cards, issued by financial institutions, retail stores, and outlets, to serve as a more seamless means of payment for goods and services. As the name implies, it can also be given as gifts to our friends and families to shop from their favorite stores. Also, gift cards can be sold for cash as Nigerians have fondly done over the years,

Today, in Nigeria, selling gift cards is as popular as trading cryptocurrency. However, there’s one issue that usually tugs at the mind of most traders. It is the issue of protecting consumer data and privacy in their totality from internet scammers.

As the quest for a secure and trustworthy gift card trading platform continues to bother Nigerians, new gift cards platform spring up every day. Some are legit and others not so much. So, how does one select a good platform? Well, you don’t have to because we’ve already done that for you. Introducing Quick Trades Gift Cards Trading Platform, Nigeria’s most secure and reliable trading platform. Here, we list all the features that make Quick Trades the best and help you get started on the platform.

Features of Quick Trades
Easy-to-use interface: This feature is very important because it determines if a trader will return or not. If the platform is difficult to navigate, there’s a high probability that the trader wouldn’t use it again because he/she felt frustrated. That is why Quick Trades created a website that is easy to use. With this platform, you do not need to read a list of instructions or watch YouTube videos before you can use it. For the first time, to sell gift cards, you only need a few clicks and nothing more.

Best rates: The main aim of traders is to make profits, even though most times, cards are sold for way less than their original value. Quick trades understand this, and make conscious efforts towards ensuring that all gift cards are sold higher than the normal market price. At quick trades, only the best rates are offered.

Instant payment: Quick trades have been around for over a year, and it has managed to win the hearts of many traders for making speedy deposits. Trade gift cards on quick trades and get paid instantly. Quick trades achieve this by operating with an in-house fund reserve. This simply means they do not need a third party to buy the gift card you’re selling before thru can pay. Quick trades pay all their customers from the in-house reserve without delays. So, if you need to sell gift cards for urgent cash, just visit

Security: Security is a very important aspect of any platform. Customers/users want to be assured that their data will never be shared with any third party. That is quick trades are intentional about ensuring that user data are always safe. They invest a lot into monitoring, fixing, and preventing security vulnerabilities. With quick trades, be rest assured that your card details are 100% safe.

Excellent customer service: Quick trades embodies everything that constitutes great customer service. They value customer time by delivering very quick responses to complaints. They respond to all customers courteously, with professionalism, and make sure that they are resourceful enough to offer help to all their customers.

Wide array of gift cards: Unlike other gift card platforms that supports a limited number of gift card, Quick Trades sells a wide array. They include; eBay, iTunes, Google Play, Steam wallet, Amazon, Sephora, Nordstrom, Visa, Apple Store, Amex Gold, One Vanilla/ vanilla Visa, Nike, and Walmart Gift Cards.
How to get started on Quick Trades
Quick trades might just be the easiest platform to get started on. Follow the steps below.

  1. Visit
  2. You don’t need to register with the platform to get started. All you need to do is click on “sell gift cards” and you’ll be directed to Whatsapp to chat with a gift card consultant that will perform the transaction for you. Only send the consultant your card details and account number, and you will be credited in less than five minutes.
    Frequently asked questions
    Do Quick Trades offer referral bonuses?
    Yes, Quick Trades offers referral bonuses. Upon your first transaction with us, you’ll be given your own unique referral code. Visit to get started.
    Will I be charged for withdrawal?
    No, upon withdrawals, you’ll not be charged a dime by Quick Trades. Every withdrawal is free no matter how many you perform in a day.
    Do Quick Trades pay in Bitcoin?
    Quick Trades pays only in naira, the most acceptable currency in Nigeria.