Attacks on Benedict Peters international conspiracy to destroy Africa’s revolutionary businessman — ACJHR

A global human rights group, the African Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ACJHR), has faulted what it called a campaign of calumny against a Nigerian oil magnate, Benedict Peters.

Peters is the founder of the nation’s largest independent oil producer, Aiteo.

The ACJHR, in a statement on Thursday by its Coordinator, Nduka Edede Chinomso, described the attacks as malicious international conspiracy against the businessman.

It said the aim of the attacks was to destroy Peters, whom it described as Africa’s revolutionary businessman and philanthropist.

The statement read, “As a global human rights group, we are concerned about the orchestrated and sponsored attacks being unleashed on the founder of Aiteo, Benedict Peters.

“We noted that the attacks have been consistent, a clear indication that it is a calculated attempt to destroy a man that God has made.

“The attacks are nothing but malicious international conspiracy aimed at destroying Africa’s revolutionary businessman and philanthropist.

“This is a man who has just recently unveiled an initiative that will increase the nation’s oil production significantly.

“Through his oil firm, Peters resolved to revamp the hitherto inactive Nembe Creek, among other innovative solutions aimed at repositioning the oil sector.

“We are tempted to believe that those who do not wish the nation well are behind the sustained campaign of calumny against Peters.”

ACJHR frowned at ongoing media and fabricated allegations against Mr. Benedict Peters on issues that competent courts have clearly cleared Peters of any wrongdoing, saying it’s wicked and out of desperation to keep recycling old baseless allegations just to tarnish the image of a successful businessman and philanthropist.

ACJHR condemned greatly the attempt by one controversial Ghana politician Okudzeto Ablakwa, whom it said was on a mission to destroy Ghana’s growing foreign investment drive by attacking the good works done by Frontiers Healthcare Services that greatly helped Ghana survive COVID-19 pandemic worst moments. 

ACJHR also warned that as a public interest organisation that they will not hesitate to launch legal contempt offensive against anybody or individual who attempts to tarnish the reputation of Benedict Peters on all the wild allegations both in UK, Africa and any part of the world that competent courts have cleared him of any wrong-doing.