ASUP: Quality education in Nigeria remains a mirage until…

Chairman Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa chapter, Dr Yusuf Hussaini, has said the Nigerian education sector would see little or no progress until political leaders and public office holders are barred from taking their children to schools abroad.

Dr Hussaini speaking in an interview with Blueprint on the sideline of Applied Science Annual Exhibition which held at the polytechnic’s campus Wednesday said it is hypocritical for public officeholders and politicians who make budget for the nation’s education to be celebrating their children’s graduation in universities outside the country, especially in Europe and America.

“We need sincerity on the part of the government. Quality education cannot be guaranteed in a society where the president, the minister, governor and all others who manage the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAS) and make budget for education sector but do not deem it fit to train their children in them.  They take their children and wards to schools outside Nigeria in America and Europe and you expect Nigerians to believe that they mean well for our education?

“It is the insensitive of the government that is responsible for the constant industrial conflict between academic unions and it. If the unions down tools and stay out of action for six months or even a year, it does not concern them because the future of their children are not affected.

“So they don’t have that sympathy and political will to make education sector vibrant, viable and attractive for people to continue learning. The public education sector in Nigeria is for the poor. How many of us can afford to send our children to Ghana not to talk of Europe and America,” he said.

He said until the government leads by example, quality education will remain a dream.

“Political officeholder should not be allowed to take their children and wards or relations outside the shores of Nigeria to foreign schools. Let them school here.

“Definitely, if your children and wives and other relations are in schools in the country, you will not agree to let the sector down. This is the solution towards the end of strike and the harmony we are looking for.”

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