As Gov Ganduje welcomes Zaura to APC…

Indeed the political configuration and electoral permutations of Kano state may have indeed been altered positively and irreversibly for the better when history was made on April 12, 2021, at Government House, Kano as the amiable Governor Abdullahi Ganduje joyfully received a political titan and grassroots emancipator, Hon. Abdulsalam Abduulkareem Zaura, popularly known as A. A Zaura, into the APC political family in an event attended and witnessed by admiring party chieftains, officials, loyalists and supporters who expressed appreciation for the historic event as it signifies the increasing strength, acceptance and dominance of the All Progressives Congress stretching through all the nooks and crannies of the Centre of Commerce state.

The stage is set for hopefully on May 29 where Zaura and his supporters including the high and mighty of the Kano state political family will storm the Sani Abacha Stadium for the official ceremony.

It is interesting to note that Zaura contested under the Green Party of Nigeria and lost to Dr Ganduje the incumbent governor and has now decamped officially registered and collected his membership card of APC at his ward in Zaura primary school.

While welcoming a visibly ebullient Zaura to the APC, Governor Ganduje expressed gratitude for the numerous philanthropic and charitable activities executed by the compassionate Hon Zaura which has lifted the socio-economic fortunes of his community and indeed the whole of Kano state especially affecting the women, youths, the infirm, the widows, the physically challenged and other vulnerable segments of society, all these from his personal resources without any government support be it, local state or federal for that matter. Ganduje, while thanking Zaura for his generosity and large heartedness, expressed the belief that his membership of the APC will further move the progressive, welfarist and humanitarian movement, which the party is well known for, forward in all positive ramifications.

Undoubtedly, Zaura has positively impacted on the vulnerable members of the society by providing succour to them in the health, education, nutrition, clothing and housing spheres ensuring that those that are lacking in those areas receive adequate support both financially and in kind to protect them from the harsh realities of our material existence A young and dynamic gentleman who has yet to clock 50 and his full of life, Hon Zaura has donated thousands of mats and food stuffs to the mother less children and has offered same to the Kurmawa central correctional home/service. His foundation AA Zaura Foundation also takes care of free medical eye treatment, provides wheel chairs to the physically challenged and offered JAMB forms to thousands of prospective candidates.

Even during this Ramadan season as in previous ones, Zaura has benevolently showered on the needy, thousands of foodstuffs as Ramadan gifts which included customized bags of rice, sugar and spaghetti from the A.A Zaura foundation.

In the political and corporate arena, Hon Zaura has equally not been found wanting as he has shown formidable skills as a campaigner, mobiliser and motivator of the youths, the activists, the artisans, the market women and the professionals and has become a household name to watch cutting across all ethnic, religious, cultural or sectional divides in Kano State to the extent that anywhere he campaigns, tens of thousands of admirers and loyalists throng out to welcome him and listen to his pearls of wisdom which devolve around tolerance, co-operation, mutual dialogue, fastrack infrastructural development and rapid socio-economic progress.

Driven by an almost missionary zeal in ensuring the total political, economic and social liberation of his beloved people, a steadfast Zaura has always seen his primary vocation in the political arena as being one of service, duty, benevolence and charity towards his people and in this regard he is ready when elected to abide by his campaign promises of using elective office to improve the lot of his people contrary to the widespread notion that political office holders are meant to feather their nests rather than work for their people’s interest.

Possessed of a razor sharp intellect and a forthright and straight talking disposition that has no truck for undue grandstanding and semantic distinctions and double speak, Zaura has built an enviable reputation as a veteran politician who does not behave like the average politician, a straightforward personality who does not engage in dishing out vainglorious, empty promises and one eminent figure that holds personal integrity and honour as a standard that other colleagues would do well to emulate.

As many an associate, friend or loyalist can attest to, Zaura is one political maestro who can be taken literally taken for his words. His words as the proverbial saying goes can be taken to the bank, qualities that were alluded to by Governor Ganduje while welcoming him to the APC progressive wing. Having contested on a solid political platform, the Green Party of Nigeria (GPN) in 2019 as the gubernatorial candidate of the party with an impressive outing, Hon Zaura’s unequalled reputation as an epitome of rectitude and integrity a standard bearer of truth and honour will doubtless stand him in good stead for any elective position or office which he intend to aspire for in the APC as the party elders, chieftains and teeming supporters have faith in him as a political colossus, grassroots emancipator and motivational mentor of the women and youths and grandmaster of the political game who can be safely relied on to fulfill and advance the great party’s manifesto, policies and programs whenever he assumes the leadership mantle be it at the state or federal levels.

With the tacit support and endorsement of the Kano State political establishment it is manifestly clear that the path is wide open for any gubernatorial ambition that may be nursed by the highly prolific Hon. Zaura as the people are firmly behind him come rain come shine To God be the glory.

Ribah writes from Abuja.

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