APC: Old wine in new bottle

I don’t know why Nigerian politicians take the average citizen for granted in order to satisfy his selfish interest. This statement is with regard to the hype associated with the decampment of some notable stalwarts from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to All Progressives Congress (APC). It is the same old wine in a new bottle. As such, there is nothing to come out of the party other than serving the personal interest of the decampees. The bulk of the decampees from the ruling PDP to the newly formed APC was basically hinged on 2015 as the PDP has foreclose the idea of automatic ticket for the coming election.

A lot of people expressed pessimism that the APC would be the same and nothing would come out of the party even if it wins the election in 2015. Those who were at the forefront in the emasculation of the people are the ones shifting base to APC o achieve certain interest because they have been blocked in the PDP. These decampees do not share the same principles and ideologies with those they already met on around. In other words, they only found solace in the new political party.

The people’s General Muhammadu Buhari should not think the decampees have the same ideology with those from the APC. Majority of those elected personalities have already started getting their feet on the ground to anoint their successors to be at the helm of affairs in their respective states.
This tsunami would certainly lead to a great explosion in the party. Already signs of cracks have started manifesting in the ongoing registration of members of the party with certain people complaining of this explosion that may sway away people when the chips are down. The party may be faced with the stark reality, that some people are not genuinely interested in the political cause of the party. What preoccupies their minds is to get easy access to political offices. Therefore, it is mere illusion to assert that the new alliance has got goldmine in the decampment galore currently going on from PDP APC.

Usman Santuraki,
No. 2, Santuraki Close,
Jambutu Ward, Jimeta,Yola.

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