Anambra poll: Town unions in Delta support PDP candidate

Indigenes of Anambra in Delta state have hosted and endorsed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate, Mr Valentine Ozigbo, ahead of the election scheduled for November 6.

Speaking during the hosting in Asaba, Delta state Tuesday, various town unions, political groups, associations and Igbo associations collectively said Ozigbo has the capacity to transform the state as one of the best in Africa.

President-General of Anambra state town unions in Delta, Mr. Victor Mbanefo said: “We are not a partisan association, our state is in a total mess, we need somebody who will redeem the image of the state, that is why we broke the protocol of our policy to take this bold step.

He stated that Ozigbo is capable to transform the city into one of the best in Africa and in the world in general. He has travelled round, he has the capacity, he might look young, but what is in his mind is beyond his age.

“What we need now in leadership is a digital age which he is, his coming to Asaba shows that he needs people and he want to work for people.”

The president general charged the electorate to vote against god fatherism and people who want to take Anambra state by fire by force.

The state coordinator, Prince Charles Okoye said “We have decided to throw our weight behind him because his competence and humility.

Okoye said the hosting and endorsement is deliberate. He is a man of integrity and the best material that take Anambra state to an enviable height.

The governorship

hopeful, Mr. Valentine Ozigbo, who expressed happiness said we are coming ready and prepared.

“We are taking our campaign to grassroots. We are embarking in door to door where people will begin to understand fully the intricacies of our manifesto.

“If the victory is ours, we are still going to start delivery from day one, we will not tell stories. In terms of character, competence, capacity and compassion, we are one. In terms of quality delivery, content, we are one.

“I am coming into being by His grace not just as governor of Anambra, but the governor that Igbo nation will be proud of, because I will speak the mind of Igbo.

“People know what I plan for Anambra. People who have spoken eloquently in the past have failed and the actionable steps we want to take will make Anambra proud,” he said.

He said some persons are coming to use Anambra resources to settle their debt and not for the interest of the people.