Anambra arrests Moniepoint staff for alleged diversion of taxes, levies

Anambra State Internal Revenue Service (AiRS), has arrested the coordinator of Moniepoint Point of Sale, POS, in-charge of Anambra, Mr. Ndubuisi Anadi over alleged financial rascality and removal of the state government payment system.

The executive-director of AIRS in charge of operations and other revenues, Dr. Christian Madubuko, who disclosed this in Awka after the suspect arrest, noted that it was because of complaints that taxes paid into government account by Anambra people through the platform was not in the state government’s central system.

According to him, he would be charged to court and if found guilty, will face the full wrath of the law, because it was learnt that 1200 taxes paid through Moniepoint were diverted and the bank removed government payment system without any notification.

“We have been receiving complaints of people paying their taxes but hey were not reflecting. So, we commenced investigations and found that many payments made from one PoS since April this year, have not reflected in the state central system. The investigation is just from one PoS and we have many others across the state.

” It shows that these monies which we have their receipts were diverted. We have requested for the agreement between the AIRS and Moniepoint but we have not received that. What they gave us instead is the list of Moniepoint locations across the state. That is why we arrested the coordinator of Moniepoint in the state,” he said.

But speaking to the newsmen, the Moniepoint Coordinator, Mr Ndubuisi Anadi said the company received several notifications that payment made by taxpayers did not reflect in government account.

He said it was as a result glitches in the system whereby transaction will hit Moniepoint platform without reflecting at the Central Processing System.

“We were notified about the glitch and as at today, our Tech guys are working on the issue to address the problem and find out what actually happened. As at yesterday, we had resolved the glitch. The money is in government account and we are working to prove that,” he said.

When questioned about removal of government payment system, Nnadi admitted that it was removed without due notification to the government because of huge loss recorded by their business owners.