Air force ‘blunder’: Group demands Amao’s sack

A group, Citizens Action for Peace and Justice (CAPJ), has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Isiaka Amao, and reappoint a competent person that will deliver in the war against terror without mindless excuses and blunders.

The group was reacting to report that an air force fighter jet mistakenly fired at the troops in Mainok, Borno state, killing 33 soldiers and an officer.

The convener of CAPJ, Alhaji Ruf’ai Mustapha Dalhatu, in a statement released to journalist in Abuja, noted with concern that there are many historical accounts of military defeats that were self inflicted, arguing that most of them were products poor planning by commanders and others.

According to Dalhatu, most of the defeat suffered by troops was as a result of blatant disregard for intelligence and tactics by arrogant, ignorant and self serving generals.

Citing examples of poor planning and arrogance of military officers around the world, the group urged President Muhammadu Buhari to be decisive as the costly mistakes were becoming too many in the face growing insecurity in the country.

“For instance, in 53 BC, Crassus and his Roman Legion suffered a humiliating defeat at the battle of Carrhae for disregarding intelligence and advice. He paid the supreme price with his life and that of his son. The fight against Boko Haram in Nigeria is going the same direction as the Carrhae battle and “Crassuses” can’t be allowed to bring more humiliation to us because of their incompetence and lack of military tactics in this 21st century that’s knowledge and technology driven.

“Nigerians were again traumatised early this week when news filtered in that the Nigerian Air Force under Air Vice Marshal Ishiaka Alao had, instead of bombing terrorists positions, bombed and killed several military men who have been stationed in Borno to fight Boko Haram. How else can this be described rather than gross incompetence on the part of Ishiaka Alao and his team?

“In saner climes, these two men would have resigned their appointments and tendered apologies to the nation and the families of the slain soldiers. Their remaining in office is therefore a slap on the administration of President Buhari and the fight against terror.

“Nigerians are angry and disappointed because these men were appointed to salvage the perceived lapses in the administration of the former service chiefs but have failed to even sustain the tempo of their predecessors. They’re plunging the country into deeper chaos and anarchy as kidnappings, banditry and the reign of terror have become widespread and probably going out of control. This is totally unacceptable and cannot be cordoned,” the group said.

According to the group, the appointment of Major General SA Adebayo to head Defence Intelligence unit has caused a setback in intelligence gathering in the security architecture.

“The business of security must be taken seriously. It is high time we begin to prioritise competence in appointments into sensitive positions.

“Major General SA Adebayo who worked with Lt. TY Buratai closely didn’t make any significant impact. Consequently, giving such a person higher responsibility as Chief of Defence Intelligence is a minus in the efforts to guaranteeing security in the country,” it said.

The CAPJ maintained that president Buhari must not continue to waste the time of Nigerians who are the direct victims of terror with incompetent officers who can’t deliver. The battle against insecurity in the country is fast changing tactics and the criminal elements are getting bolder and more daring by the day. There’s need to appoint personnel who can deliver and not worsen the situation on grounds already.

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