AFN rebukes Gara Gombe over ‘cooked up lies, arrangee propaganda’ against athletics federation

Stakeholders in Nigeria athletics have reacted to a statement by the chairman of Gombe State Athletics Association, Shuaib Gara Gombe, that the AFN Congress may move against the federation’s President, Chief Tonobok Okowa.

In a bid to discredit the good work by the the Okowa-led AFN Board, particularly in the build up to the Africa Games, Gara Gombe has teamed up with some AFN ‘rebel’ board members by conjuring up unfounded stories about Okowa and the AFN Secretary General, Rita Mosindi.

In his latest attempt to rubbish the AFN board, Gara Gombe, who is known for crying wolf where there is none, said some members of AFN Congress were unhappy with the present executive board.

Gara Gombe was quoted by one of AFN’s ‘rebels,’ Dare Esan, in his online publication,, that about 15 members of the congress met in Kaduna over the weekend and have scheduled another meeting for Akure, Ondo State, in the coming weeks.

But the Chairman of Jigawa State Athletics Association, Mohammed Adamu, has revealed, that there was no such meeting held in Kaduna as quoted by Gara Gombe and Dare Esan.

“I am the Chairman of Jigawa Athletics Association and the Chairman of all Chairmen in charge of athletics in northern Nigeria. I can tell you that no meeting of such took place in Kaduna. There is no way a meeting concerning athletics will hold in the North without my concept. All they said is pure lie,” Adamu said.

The AFN board has told the general public to ignore the deceptive news being circulated especially by Gara Gombe.