83 Anniversary: Ansar-ud-Deen visits Kaduna Custodial Center, releases inmate

Ansar-ud-Deen Society Kaduna branch on Friday visited the Kaduna Medium Security Custodial Center, where they secured the release of an inmate after paying his fines as part of the 83-year anniversary of the Society.

Items taken to the custodial Center for the inmates include beans, garri, used clothes, toiletries and household goods.

Auwal Hamza was released from the Kaduna correctional center after spending three months out of his six months sentence for fighting. Auwal, a carpenter, who said this was his second sentence, pledged that he would stay away from fighting and any other wrongdoing that could bring him back to the correctional center. He said he would look for a job and be responsible.

The Chief Imam of Ansar-ud-Deen Kaduna branch, Alhaji AbdulAzeez Kijan admonished the young man to seize the opportunity given to him and live a responsible life. “What we want is for you to stop fighting, smoking and other bad habits you used to do and embrace peace responsible life. Since you don’t have a job presently, I would advice that you go back to Sokoto so that you can start a new life afresh.”

Chairman Ansar-ud-Deen Society Kaduna branch, Alhaji Saburideen Adeyemi said the gesture was a way of addressing the ills of the society and to celebrate the 83-year anniversary of the society. “Ansar-ud-Deen Kaduna Branch would be 83 years. Over the years, the founders have contributed their little part to make sure the society is in existence, what they have done we are building on it. Which is why the sermon today was about building our tomorrow so that we can build for the youth coming tomorrow to ensure they are on the right path and growing in the part of Islam.

“We thank Allah that the members are God fearing and they are doing well by giving us the necessary support to achieve what we have achieved. We implore the members to continue to render the support for the Society to grow further. We thank the state government for the peace we are enjoying on the state,” Alhaji Adeyemi said.

Also speaking, the Branch Secretary, Alhaji Sheriff Olutusin said the Society’s visit to the Custodial Center enabled them to interact with the inmates, adding that from what they heard from some of the inmates, they would soon return to the Center to see how they can assist more inmates achieve freedom especially those awaiting trial with pathetic cases and those who are plagued with ill heath.

“With what we heard from the Chief Imam’s sermon today, he told us that whatever we are doing that is good we should continue. The people that started this Society 83 years ago are no more today but their legacy is still standing strong for all to see. The Chief Imam urged us to also build a legacy for those coming behind us, so that they too can benefit from whatever we left behind to guide them and help them be good Muslims and good people,” the scribe said.