2023: Tinubu is president in waiting – APC


The National Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has described the APC presidential flagbearer as a president in the waiting to be sworn into office, considering his unprecedented clout and wider acceptability in the eyes of voters across the nation.

Addressing thousands of APC supporters who converged on the Sani Abacha Stadium in Kano Wednesday, for the continuation of APC presidential campaign rally and the presentation of flag to the party’s gubernatorial candidate in Kano, Adamu stated that with Tinubus’s pedigree and considerable experience in partisan politics, he possessed the much needed capacity to prove his mettle in every sphere of human endeavour.

He added that the 2023 presidential contest is destined to be won by the APC.

According to him, the mammoth crowd and the retinue of eminent personalities which comprised party’s present and past governors in addition to notable political  kingpins that graced the campaign rally in Kano has proven to even the  doubting Thomases that the leadership of the country would  soon be handed over to Tinubu as a matter of time.

He said, “the strategy of our presidential campaign is unique and different from the ones our rival political parties are doing. we have indeed demonstrated our masterstroke, playing our game with sheer tenacity. We are poised to win not by whiskers, but with the effrontery we have exhibited since the commencement of our campaign rally.

“Our great party, the APC has been made to stand tall among its peers, from top to bottom, the APC has surpassed every party in terms of clout and wider acceptability. Kano being an indispensable political bridge builder will never be discarded and that we have taken such indispensability into cognizance.” 

Speaking earlier, Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje said with Kano taking the gauntlet in proving its efficacy in partisan politics, he has no iota of doubt that Kano would be captured by the All Progressives Congress as a prelude to the party’s flagbearer’s foray into the presidential Villa come the year 2023.

He added that with the huge crowd, winning the presidential tussle would never be a far cry.

He, however, stated that even though the challenges of winning a presidential contest is enormous, tortuous and laborious, there was the compelling need for the party  supporters and notable stakeholders to close ranks and bury past animosity in the interest  of clinching a landslide victory at the polls from top to bottom.

He said, “We have heavily invested our unalloyed commitment in the present presidential race for us to be sure of the struggle we are    waging, having had the penchant for victory for our great party. Our presidential candidate is time tested and have clearly demonstrated his capacity and the acumen to live up to expectation.

“I can only say to this huge crowd of party supporters and notable stakeholders thank you, thank you, for your firm resolve to answer our clarion call to grace this epoch- making occasion. we have proven to our rivals that we can squeeze water out of stone in the most turbulent times.”

In his remarks which lasted for a minute, the APC Presidential flagbearer jokingly told the  audience that he was in Kano to dance and thank the people of the ancient city.