2019: No vacancy in Aso Rock – Kano APC chief

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A chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kano state, Alhaji Sharif Usman Baban Lungu yesterday said that those aspiring to be president in 2019 are wasting their time because there is no vacancy in Aso Rock.
He said God has a purpose for making Buhari president in 2015, because that was the only issue that is keeping Nigeria as a united country adding that had Buhari lost in 2015, Nigeria would have been taken over by Boko Haram.
He said: “I can also reveal that majority of ordinary Nigerians are solidly behind the president because today, he has given us complete sense of security and there is massive revolution in the agric sector and women and less privileged are been empowered by either Npower or the ten thousand Naira been given to the ordinary people from theAbacha $320 Million so called loot.
“I have been watching with keen interest all those aspiring to be president of Nigeria in the opposition parties.
In APC, of course, Buhari has no challenger.
But all the other aspirants in PDP and other parties are people that are either having cases with the EFCC or those who became rich through questionable means.
“I heard some people saying that Southern part of this country benefited from the Buhari administration more than northerners.
This is far from the truth.
After all, since Buhari joined active politics, it is the northern elites that are sabotaging his efforts in winning the presidency even though the masses have continued to vote for him.
Politicians from the south west came up with a grand merger with Buhari as the presidential aspirant and he won the election hands down, defeating former President Goodluck Jonathan.
“Let me call on those that will handle Buhari’s campaign for 2015 to assemble all bomb blast and tragedies that took place during the PDP administration where thousands of Nigerians or properties were either killed or destroyed.
Let them show the graphic pictures on national televisions and radio houses.
They should also get some people, especially people from the north east to narrate their ordeal in form of jingles in electronic media and I can tell you no foolish Nigerian will allow anybody either in PDP or any other party to come near the presidency again in future

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