Why Niger coup must not stand – FG

The federal government has explained why the international Community should support the regional body in its efforts to restore democratic governance in Niger Republic.

It said should the military forceful takeover is allowed, it would dampen the reputation of the regional body

The federal government however said the use of force would be the last resort.

Briefing the Diplomatic Corps on Friday in Abuja on the current political situation in Niger Republic, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Adamu Lamuwa, said the current situation had raised serious concerns about the stability of the region.

He said: “No doubt, the developments in Niger, like Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea, have raised serious concerns about regional stability and democratic principles in the region. There is concern that the success of the coup in Niger would significantly dampen ECOWAS’s reputation, especially if the country joins the ranks of others that are governed by unconstitutional leaders, such as Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Mali.”

He insisted that the ousted president remained the legitimate president, saying the regional body was concerned about the state of the ousted president, his family members and other detained political leaders.

“The ECOWAS authority aims to ensure that the life of President Bazoum, his family members and other political leaders detained alongside him are preserved and their constitutional rights protected. “The region holds that President Bazoum remains the legitimate President and Head of State of the Republic of Niger, recognised and supported by ECOWAS, the AU and the International Community and therefore rejects any form of resignation that may purportedly come from him, perhaps under duress,” he said.

He, however, said dialogue was still on-going and that “hopefully it will not get to the point of deploying troops to restore democratic rule.”

He tasked the international community on the need to be resolute in its support for ECOWAS’ stand.