Video: Gov. Dauda can’t be friend of bandits

Governor Dauda Lawal Dare of Zamfara state is, indeed, working and his leadership is attracting a lot of envy by the day because he is refining and defining Zamfara state as a future of certainty, coming out of the woods of underdevelopment.

I watched a video of armed bandits reigning praises of support to Governor Dauda and wishing him more than the expected tenure of eight years as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution. This is a clear work of what I call political bandits using armed bandits to identify with the governor who is working hard against all forms of insecurity.

May I submit that the video I watched a few days ago is a well-calculated attempt and effort made by Dauda’s political enemies to smear him black? Looking at how the bandits in the video jingled out praises: “Sai Dauda”, Allah shi bar mana shi. Allah Sa yayi shekara goma Sha biyu.” This was the same pattern they used on another video praising the former governor of the state Bello Mutawalle. It means business as usual.

The recent video is an indication of how armed bandits are politically motivated and the people behind the scenes are the real bandits. They are the ones telling them how to go about any operation and teleguide the business environment of kidnapping, cattle rustling, and killing of innocent citizens to settle political scores in Zamfara state.

Knowing who Governor Dauda Lawal is, a good Nigerian and sound politician who believes in humanity and serving the people with uttermost commitment, he can never be seen as a friend of the bandits or identify himself with them in any way.

I suspect foul play and a reprisal attack of the former video of the armed bandits who had sang praises of former Governor Mohammed Beĺlo Mutawalle, the current Minister of Defense.

If you ever suspect a fishy relationship between Dauda Lawal and bandits in the North-west, Zamfara state in particular, in the trending video, then you are brainwashed by the tactics and the antics of political bandits. This is just an organised way to paint the working governor black because banditry in Zamfara state has become business and is controlled by a cartel.

Before the coming of Dauda Lawal on board as governor, the state was under the siege of bandits, controlling many areas and kidnapping, killing, and attacking at will their victims.

Consequently, winning the election at both the polls and the Supreme Court was a deadly blow to the governor’s political opponents. They resorted to this misadventure of using their cronies to make the state ungovernable as the only thing they have handy to fight him.

May I stress that Dauda Lawal is a patriotic Nigerian, a good leader who is sound inside out, loyal to the voices of the electorate to give them hope of a great Zamfara.

The amiable governor cannot, therefore, be part of a group that is anti-people and anti-people’s government. May those sponsoring bandits and releasing videos that identify with Dauda know that they have come late with their antics of hatred. It’s just their usual calculated attempt of the political bandits to smear the good image of Lawal Dauda.

The Zamfara chief executive is pius in all he does. He maintains a steady rise of integrity that is so unquestionable to be linked with bad characters or a group of deviants and castrated individuals who are trading with the souls of innocent citizens of the state.

Tom Garba FIMC, FBDFM, SPSP, a
journalist, writes from Yola, Adamawa state, via [email protected]
08172570959, 08030525759